Movies This Year: Our Reviews of Upcoming Releases



Slackerwood may be winding down, but the Austin film and festival scene is going strong. We've reviewed a number of movies at local and national film fests that have not yet had a full theatrical release. Many of them have Austin and/or Texas ties.

Reviews for movies with upcoming Austin theatrical/VOD release dates, where available:

Films with distribution but no dates announced yet:

Films with no distribution deal formally announced yet, but I hope you'll get to see sooner rather than later:

  • 61 Bullets: Austin filmmaker David Modigliani (Crawford) collaborated with Louisiana Kreutz on this documentary about the descendants of Dr. Carl Weiss, who allegedly assassinated Louisiana Gov. Huey P. Long. This movie is why I put the word "allegedly" in the previous sentence. Elizabeth interviewed the filmmakers before the film's Austin Film Festival 2014 screening. (Jette)
  • In Order of Disappearance: It's unfortunate and unbelievable that this darkly funny Swedish action/revenge film, which screened at Fantastic Fest 2014, hasn't found American distribution yet. I liked it enough that I may buy the Region 2 DVD from Sweden if it's not available in the US soon. (Jette)
  • Night Owls: This intimate movie premiered at SXSW 2015, and I caught it at Hill Country Film Festival. It's making the film-festival rounds now. Adam Pally and especially Rosa Salazar are so compelling, I can't imagine this won't get picked up for a VOD release at least. (Jette)
  • Sir Doug and the Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove: I saw this Arts+ Labor documentary about musician Doug Sahm at [redacted location] and was asked not to talk about it because [redacted good news] was close to happening. The movie was a lot of fun with a [redacted] crowd and I hope it'll screen in Austin soon. (Don)
    [Confidential to Don Clinchy after reading his review: You would truly appreciate A Poem Is a Naked Person, which also screened at SXSW (my review in list of theatrical releases at top). Don't miss it.]