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You're reading the archives of Slackerwood, a website about Austin film written/published from 2006-2015. Hope you'll enjoy our columns, reviews, and other features, many of which are still relevant and interesting. The site is no longer maintained, so please pardon any outdated or broken links. Contact Jette Kernion (jette [at] slackerwood [dot] com) with questions.

Au Revoir, and Don't Forget to Feed the Parrot


Last Night at the Alamo 2007

"Good-bye. Don't forget to feed the parrot!" shrieked Flora, who disliked this prolongation of the ceremony of saying farewell, as every civilized traveller must.

"What parrot?" they all shrieked back from the fast-receding platform, just as they were meant to do.

But it was too much trouble to reply. Flora contented herself with muttering, "Oh, any parrot, bless you all," and with a final affectionate wave of her hand to Mrs. Smiling, she drew back into the carriage and, opening a fashion journal, composed herself for the journey.

--Stella Gibbons, Cold Comfort Farm

Saying farewell to Slackerwood has been very difficult. And I do think of it as "au revoir" -- I'm still in Austin, I'm still writing, and so are many of the current Slackerwood contributors. You'll see us again.

Slackerwood: Where We're All Going (We Hope)


Slackerwood contributors 2013

I originally said that today -- Wednesday, May 27 -- would be the last day Slackerwood would publish new content. But we're going to finish tomorrow instead. As I've said often, well, it is called Slackerwood after all. So please come back on Thursday for a farewell and one final Lone Star Cinema that I always said I would write and never did (until now).

I'm very pleased that we'll still get to enjoy writing from Slackerwood contributors at other websites. Of course, this list is subject to change, but here's what I know right now:

Debbie's Fantastic and Favorite Film Memories


Debbie with Jim JarmuschFive years and 51 weeks -- that's when I was added to the Slackerwood website, although my official first article about a beloved made-in-Texas film, True Stories, was actually published on June 24, 2009. Coincidentally, my first Slackerwood-related article, "Coffee and Cigarettes at the Alamo," was written two years earlier on June 25, 2007 for the Alamo Downtown Blog-a-Thon, co-hosted by Slackerwood and Blake Ethridge of formerly of Cinema is Dope and now the Museum of Cinema.

Sharing my personal experience of handling the Coffee and Cigarettes director Jim Jarmusch at the original Alamo Drafthouse (on Colorado) during SXSW Film Festival 2004 was truly a defining moment in my career in film journalism. That same year I recall Louis Black assisting at the door at a special midnight screening of Hellboy at the Paramount, with star Ron Perlman talking to fans outside the theater until the wee hours of the morning.

I truly believe that without the efforts and support of local film industry vanguards like Louis Black of Austin Chronicle and SXSW, and Tim and Karrie League of Alamo Drafthouse, I would not have met Slackerwood's founder and editor Jette Kernion. Most if not all of my initial conversations with Jette about film took place on the outdoor patio at Alamo South Lamar either during subsequent SXSW and Fantastic Fest film festivals.

On that special night in 2004 that I blogged about, I was introduced to writer and director Jonathan Demme by Black, and assisted Crispin Glover and Canadian filmmaker Ron Mann (Go Further, Know Your Mushrooms) in and out of the screening at the personal -- and quite polite -- request of Jarmusch. Over the years of writing for Slackerwood I've encountered Mann on his annual visits to Austin for SXSW, and enjoy hearing about his latest film projects. Additionally he graciously gave Courtney Cobb (Crafting a Nation) and me some documentary filmmaking tips while we were in pre-production for Pushing Cadence.

Fantastic Fest, SXSW Film Festival and Austin Film Festival provided me with great opportunities to cover great independent film and network with filmmakers, actors and industry representatives from around the world. Six years ago I never would have thought that I would cover a film festival outside of Austin such as Dallas International Film Festival, let alone Sundance Film Festival. And yet I've made it to Park City for the last three years to cover both Sundance and Slamdance Film Festivals simultaneously to the best of my capability.

Site News: Slackerwood Goes Independent, Again


Slackerwood, by John Gholson

For more than two years now, the Austin Film Society has been publishing Slackerwood. It's been an excellent relationship for everyone involved, and I've enjoyed the collaboration.

However, it's time for a change. As of September 1, 2014, I've taken over the reins again as the publisher of Slackerwood. AFS decided earlier this summer that it would make more sense for the nonprofit to pursue its own editorial voice, so we've worked out a very amicable separation.

I cannot stress enough how grateful I am to have had the Austin Film Society publishing Slackerwood for more than two years. AFS staff members have been extremely supportive and enthusiastic. In fact, I hope they'll continue to help us with previews and event coverage. I also want to thank ex-AFS-staffer Agnes Varnum, who met with me in a coffeehouse nearly three years ago to start hatching the collaborative scheme.

Now, what's on the horizon for Slackerwood? After weighing options available to me for possibly securing funding, I realized I'm first and foremost a writer. I love writing and I love editing articles to bring out the best in them -- these endeavors are an enjoyable use of some of my spare time. (And I love watching movies, but I don't have to tell you that.)

Join Us Tonight for Film. Food. Brew.


Duff Beer at The Simpsons Feast

To celebrate our new partnership with Austin Film Society, Slackerwood and AFS are having a happy hour tonight and we hope you'll join us.

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 1 (tonight!)
Time: 6-8 pm
Location: Red's Porch, 3508 S. Lamar (in the back)

Many Slackerwood contributors will be there -- I'm not sure so many of us have been in one place at the same time before. We'll have snacks and beer, so get there before we run out. (Sadly, we won't have any Duff, I just thought that would grab your attention.) And a special thank you to Red's Porch and North by Northwest for sponsoring the event.

Breaking News: Slackerwood and Austin Film Society Join Forces


Slackerwood and Austin Film Society

I've always wanted to use "Breaking News" in a Slackerwood headline, and now I can, although of course the work behind this announcement has been going on for months. I'm so pleased to announce that Slackerwood will now be published by The Austin Film Society. The press release is reprinted in full after the jump.

Congrats to 'Simmons on Vinyl' Ticket Winners


We have two winners from last week's Simmons on Vinyl contest. Each winner will be able to pick up two pairs of tickets before the Austin Film Festival-sponsored screening at Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek on Thursday night. Winners, I will be emailing you today with the details.

Congratulations to Cecy Correa and Zack Teibloom. Zack's favorite album on vinyl is Led Zeppelin I, and Cecy's is Saturday Night Fever.

For everyone else, you can still buy tickets for Thursday night's screening and they are quite affordable ($4), so check it out. Here's my review again if you need a refresher on what the movie is about.

Win Tickets to AFF Encore of 'Simmons on Vinyl'


Simmons on Vinyl

[Editor's Note: Why yes, I did swap out of the photo accompanying this entry -- apparently some people think a bare butt is NSFW. They are probably correct.]

Last year, I caught the low-budget comedy Simmons on Vinyl at Austin Film Festival. I liked it so much that when I heard AFF was bringing the movie back for an encore screening at Alamo Drafthouse at Lake Creek this month, I asked if Slackerwood could give away a couple of pairs of tickets. The nice AFF folks agreed, so now you have a chance to see this very funny indie for absolutely free.

The film screens on Thursday, May 27 at 7:30 pm at Alamo Lake Creek. Mark Potts, Cole Selix and Brand Rackley -- who between them wrote, directed and acted the three main roles in the film -- will be at the screening. They'll also preview a bit of their new film S&M Lawn Care. They run a pretty funny Q&A, as I recall.

Slackerwood is giving away two pairs of tickets to the May 27 screening. You have two ways to enter the contest -- the fun extroverted way and the easy introverted way:

  • The fun way: Post a comment on this entry that tells us what your favorite record (on vinyl) is or was, and why.
  • The easy way: Use the Slackerwood content form to send me a message that includes your name, with the subject line "Simmons on Vinyl." I know some of you are shy about posting comments or publicly admitting your favorite record (or that you are too young to have ever owned something on vinyl).

'Crazy Heart' DVD Contest: We Have a Winner


Annnnd the winner of our Crazy Heart DVD giveaway is ... Steve Milner, who shared two entertaining Austin movie-and-music moments with us on our contest page, which I'll repeat here:

"A favorite was being at the premiere for Waking Life at the Paramount. Before the movie, [Richard] Linklater came out and talked about the film and said that we will have a very unique experience while watching that night. It occurred when Wiley Wiggins is floating down Congress Ave. and enters the Paramount. The camera floats through the theater and the screen at the Paramount becomes the screen of the movie and they morph together. It was very cool actually being inside the Paramount as you are watching the inside of the Paramount animated on the screen. BTW, I really enjoyed Guy Forsyth's role in that movie.

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