'Crazy Heart' DVD Contest: We Have a Winner


Annnnd the winner of our Crazy Heart DVD giveaway is ... Steve Milner, who shared two entertaining Austin movie-and-music moments with us on our contest page, which I'll repeat here:

"A favorite was being at the premiere for Waking Life at the Paramount. Before the movie, [Richard] Linklater came out and talked about the film and said that we will have a very unique experience while watching that night. It occurred when Wiley Wiggins is floating down Congress Ave. and enters the Paramount. The camera floats through the theater and the screen at the Paramount becomes the screen of the movie and they morph together. It was very cool actually being inside the Paramount as you are watching the inside of the Paramount animated on the screen. BTW, I really enjoyed Guy Forsyth's role in that movie.

"Another was at SXSW film fest a few years back at a screening of a documentary made by Rosanna Arquette about rock-n-roll. In the audience with me was non other than the real Dude from The Big Lebowski, Jeff Dowd. I'm a big Jeff Bridges fan and I can't wait until December for Tron Legacy."

I'm sending a Crazy Heart DVD to Steve this week. If you missed the contest, you can still read my DVD review, and perhaps buy a copy for yourself.