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Crazy Heart

I love giving stuff away, especially nice new things that people might actually want. Fortunately, Slackerwood has something to give away this week -- a Crazy Heart DVD. Want a chance at winning it? The details (and fine print) are available after the jump.

If you don't know anything about Crazy Heart, check out my DVD review, or Debbie's review from the film's theatrical release. Jeff Bridges won an Oscar for his performance as Bad Blake, a Texas singer-songwriter on the decline. Local musician Ryan Bingham also won an Oscar for the song he co-wrote with T-Bone Burnett for the film, "The Weary Kind." Fans of Texas music should definitely take a look at this movie, even though it wasn't actually shot in Texas (I believe New Mexico doubled for Houston).

If you want a chance at winning the Crazy Heart DVD, leave a comment on this entry about the following: 

Describe a favorite moment or experience that involves an Austin musician and movies.

This could mean any number of things: a silent movie you saw that was accompanied by a live performance from a local band or composer, a movie with a score from a local composer, a local musician's song or non-musical performance in a particular film. Maybe you sat next to an Austin musician at a movie? Sure, that counts, as long as "Austin musician" doesn't mean your little brother who still only knows two chords on his guitar. Having sex with a local musician while a movie played in the background only counts if it actually happened (and makes for a good story).

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The deadline to submit a comment is Thursday, April 30 at 11:59 pm CST. We'll draw a name at random from all entries, and will ship the Crazy Heart DVD to the lucky winner.

The fine print:

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I love this movie, I saw it

I love this movie, I saw it on theaters and I absolutely love it. If I had it, I would watch it all the time. It reminds me of a lot of great memories.

My favorite movie/music memory happened during SXSW 2009. I had my first date with a now ex. However, it was the funnest date I've ever had: a historic theater and a local artist. We went to the Paramount to watch 500 Days of Summer, and then we rushed to a show at Flipnotics to see folksy singer/songwriter extraordinaire Adam Carroll (and almost didn't make it!). Funny how my relationship turned out to be just like the film we saw...

Though the relationship is over, that date is still one of the most fun nights I've had in Austin and I'll always cherish it :)

Austin music

I've actually never been to Austin, but I still have one memory of Austin music that stands out.

A friend made me a mix of Texas music that I took with me on a backpacking trip to Europe. We spent a lot of nights on sleeper trains with five other people, in settings that made it impossible to sleep, but I spent the wee hours of many mornings dozing to the sounds of Austin through my headphones. It helped make the craziness manageable.

(At some point, I'll make it over to SXSW and I'll get more stories to tell!)

Austin Movies and Music

I haved always loved music and movies, and Austin is a great place to find both.

I love Willie Nelson who lives in the Austin area and have had several chances to meet him. He is a favorite singer of mine and I really enjoy his music.

I have came to Austin for SXSW and watched movies and intereacted with lots of celebrities, coming home with autographs, photos with, and great memories.

Chuck D.

Austin music

I've only been to Austin once and my main exposure is the show, Austin City Limits.

I loved the movie (have seen it twice) and I'm a new convert to Ryan Bingham fandom.

austin movie/music moments

I have several cool austin movie/music moments. that I cherish.

A favorite was being at the premier for Waking Life at the Paramount. Before the movie, Linklater came out and talked about the film and said that we will have a very unique experience while watching that night. It occurred when Wiley Wiggins is floating down Congress Ave and enters the paramount. The camera floats through the theater and the screen at the Paramount becomes the screen of the movie and they morph together. It was very cool actually being inside the Paramount as you are watching the inside of the Paramount animated on the screen. BTW, I really enjoyed Guy Forsyth's role in that movie.

Another was at SXSW film fest a few years back at a screening of a documentary made by Rosanna Arquette about rock-n-roll. In the audience with me was non other than the real dude from the Big Lebowski, Jeff Dowd. I'm a big Jeff Bridges fan and I can't wait until December for Tron Legacy.

I'd love to win this DVD!

Austin Movie Moments

Crazy Heart was wonderful - liked "The Weary Kind"- the song that won the Oscar - but loved "Flyin' & Fallin'".

Maybe I should write about seeing the Theramin Movie at the Drafthouse with a bunch of Austin musicians playing their theramins - it was awesomely goofy. Or I could reminisce about Graham Reynolds doing the soundtrack for the silent movie Pandora's Box which was stunning.

Instead I'd like to get personal. Even though I'm not a professional musician I've written many garden songs and recorded some of them for YouTube. So I like to think of myself as an amateur Austin musician.

A few years ago I was an extra in Baghead. Sitting right behind the enchanting Greta Gerwig while watching the Duplass brothers in action was a favorite movie memory for me.

Well, Jette - does that count?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose