Photo Essay: 'Julie & Julia' Feast


Feast Bubbly

In case you didn't notice from our recent podcast on Food in Movies, I am a foodie. Therefore I love to attend the Alamo Drafthouse signature events of film and feast, and was intrigued to see what gourmet surprises Chefs Trish Eichelberger and John Bullington would come up with for Julie & Julia. I was unable to attend a full feast due to other screenings I was attending - more on those later! - but managed to take some photos behind the scenes.

The evening started with pink champagne, as shown above. Here are a few more of the dishes, which were referenced in the film in one way or another.

First course - an amuse bouche that included oysters on the half shell, thin rye bread and butter:

Buttering it Up

Served with a smile, or perhaps a devious grin:

Feast Amuse Bouche Service

Second course - Sole "meuniere" (more butter!) with arugula and a seared tomato:

Sole "Meuniere"

Third course, ready to be plated and served - stuffed manicotti, dubbed "Hot as a stiff ..." in reference to a quote from the film:

 "Hot as a stiff..."

The feast also included a stuffed duck breast and for dessert, raspberry Bavarian cream.

Chefs John Bullington and Trish Eichelberger kept everything running smoothly:

Chefs of the Alamo Drafthouse

Check our more photos from the evening at my photos on Flickr. You will notice that I included some of the monthly menu specials related to Julie & Julia as well. I highly recommend the stuffed chicken breast, it's my favorite dish.

The last Julie & Julia feast is tonight, and last I checked there were still tickets available so don't miss out.

Disclaimer: By no means is this a paid endorsement, although I did get to taste the sole. Love the butter!


Y'all were driving me nuts with that chicken. It smelled heavenly!