Machete-Hacked Slackery News Tidbits

Danny Trejo, by Jeff Balke on Flickr

Yes, the title is cheesy this morning. But how else was I going to get a Machete reference in there? And I'll use any excuse to post a photo of Danny Trejo, like the one above. It's from the 2007 Grindhouse premiere, but it's still relevant, as you'll see below. There's other news from Austin and surrounding areas as well.

  • While at Cinevegas last week, Danny Trejo told James Wallace from the blog Gordon and the Whale that shooting on Machete, Robert Rodriguez's movie based on a fake trailer in Grindhouse, will start in about five weeks. I wonder if they'll do any location shooting around Austin? [via Cinematical]
  • The latest on the Austin Studios proposed sub-lease to Soundcheck Austin: An open letter to the Austin film community from Richard Linklater that explains the situation clearly and calmly. Check it out.
  • AFI Dallas, the glitzy film fest that started in 2007, has dropped their affiliation with AFI. The fest will continue as the Dallas International Film Festival, at end of March or early April next year. Hoping for April, so we can have as much post-SXSW recuperation as possible.
  • If you caught the documentary Best Worst Movie at SXSW this year -- which has some sequences set at Alamo Drafthouse, and let's not forget Zack Carlson's tattoo -- you probably wanted to see Troll 2 afterwards, either for the first time or for an encore viewing. The "best worst movie" that was the focus of the doc is now available on Hulu. Hope we'll get a chance to see the doc again soon, too.
  • Alamo has posted a big set of photos from the Night of the Creeps screening, in case you wanted more after Jenn recounted the evening for us last week.

[Photo credit: "Danny Trejo" by Jeff Balke. Found on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license.]