SXSW 2014: Meet the Slackerwood Gang


SXSW 2014 prep

I'm leaving the house in one hour (I hope) to head downtown for SXSW. I've got my tablet, my roasted chickpeas, my auxiliary battery ... and yeah, my antacids. Welcome to the wussy side of SXSW filmgoing.

I'm kicking off the fest by participating in the panel "A Beginners Guide to SXSW Film" at 2 pm in room 16AB of the Austin Convention Center. If you're down there, why not join us? You can ask questions or even offer advice of your own.

The other panelists will be film producer Kelly Williams (Hellion), Austin Chronicle Managing Editor Kimberley Jones, Film School Rejects editor Neil Miller, and filmgoer extraordinaire/Fantastic Fest programmer Brian Kelley. So this should be a hoot as well as very informative.

If you can't attend the panel and are seeking guidance, check out the Slackerwood guide to SXSW theaters and our guide for locals and wristband holders. In fact, check out all our SXSW articles since we have previews and interviews with local and Texas filmmakers.

I also recommend the "SXSW 2014: Do it Like a Local" video from Flow Nonfiction. This is their third guide and they're always fun and have off-the-beaten-path tips. The hosts include Kim Jones (in case you miss her today) and filmmaker David Modigliani, who was on the "Beginners" panel last year and is great fun. Here it is:

We didn't do a dining guide this year but Matthew Odam at the Austin American-Statesman has your back with this excellent article about eating at SXSW for under $40/day for five days. I haven't been to half these places and -- well, maybe you all shouldn't read the article, so those places won't be too crowded when I try them.

Slackerwood pinThe Slackerwood gang will be out and about during SXSW this year -- we've got a bigger and better team than ever this year. Many of us will be wearing these little pins or necklaces with our Twitter handle, shown at right, so you can spot us immediately. Many thanks to Jennifer Cunningham of Jen Hearts Art for making these for us, they are adorable and awesome.

If you run into any of us, stop and say hello! (And see if we have any of our super-cool Moo cards to give you.)

  • Look for me to be sticking in one place (if I can) on any given day, after hearing best advice this year from film critic John Gholson (paraphrased): "Pick one movie a day you really want or need to see, then build your schedule that day around that theater." Much as I enjoy a slow jog across the bridge to/from the Long Center, he has a point.  Also, I seem to have all the feminist/LGBT movies on my calendar this year.
  • Look for assistant editor Caitlin Moore at conference panels and sessions, and in films counterprogrammed against the big buzzy movies.
  • Look for Debbie Cerda at music documentaries and also anywhere craft beer is served. And then ask her where to get the kind of libations you want. She will also be at the AFS ShortCase on Saturday representing our fair website.
  • Look for Mike Saulters at midnight movies because he's not wussy like me. And at anything that sounds like it would not be out of line at Fantastic Fest. He's also got some very interesting actor/filmmaker interviews scheduled, and will be on a few red carpets taking photos for us. And I hear he's an extra in Open Windows, too.
  • Look for Elizabeth Stoddard at Veronica Mars, which I know she is really looking forward to seeing. I'm guessing I'll run into her at some of those women-centric docs, too. Also, she tends to unexpectedly run into celebrities at coffeehouses and restaurants so she might be a good person to hang around with.
  • Look for Don Clinchy in the wristband line, primarily at satellite venues. Don's focusing on Austin films and on the lesser-known indies, which he'll be reviewing throughout the fest.
  • You can also look in the wristband line for Marcelena Mayhorn, who's reviewing a number of indie features and docs for us this year. Marcie is also taking charge of our Twitter feed with all kinds of interesting photos and advice, so if you're not following us, now is the time.
  • Look for Jordan Gass-Poore' and then tell me where she is, because she covers the fest like crazy and yet somehow I never run into her!
  • Look for Matt Shiverdecker at music docs, I suspect, judging by his preview. Matt's actually covering the fest primarily for other outlets (and I'll post those links if I get them), but he's got his Slackerwood pin and may review some movies for us post-fest.

Have a fun fest, and I hope to see many of you there! Now, where did I put my stack of Moo cards?