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Austin Film on TwitterThe interactive site Twitter has become very popular these days. Omar Gallaga has a good article about it here, if you're unfamiliar with it. Lots of Austin film groups, festivals and online publications are sharing interesting bits of info via Twitter.

Here's a list of Twitter accounts that you can follow if you want to keep up with Austin film news and events and gossip. I'm only including publicly accessible accounts, not the private ones. If I missed anyone, please let me know.

Theaters, Groups and Fests

These Twitter feeds tend to be limited to links about upcoming Austin film and entertainment events -- not a lot of chatter, but solid news.

  • afs1985 -- Austin Film Society
  • alamolakecreek -- Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek
  • alamovillage -- Alamo Drafthouse Village
  • aaaff -- Austin Asian American Film Festival
  • AustinCine -- Updates on programming/schedules for Austin Cinematheque.
  • austinfilmfest -- Austin Film Festival
  • cinelasamericas -- Cine Las Americas film festival
  • drafthouse -- Alamo Drafthouse (League-owned)
  • fantasticfest -- I think the Fantastic Fest and Alamo Drafthouse tweets are cross-posted to both accounts, but I'm following both just in case.
  • ransomcenter -- The Harry Ransom Center posts info about all their upcoming events, including screenings and film-related exhibits.
  • screendoorfilm -- News from the Screen Door Film programmers.
  • sxsw -- Covers all aspects of the SXSW conference, including Film, Interactive, and Music.

Media and Websites

These Twitter feeds tend to focus primarily on links to film news, and sometimes other news as well, although some also will interact with other users.

Austin Film Geeks

These Twitter users may be film geeks, but tend to chat about a variety of topics. Most of us are friendly, so don't be shy to say hello.

  • Aavarnum -- Austin Film Society communications manager Agnes Varnum, who also runs the blog Doc It Out.
  • Accordion27 -- Local film geek Max Pozderac.
  • annevid -- Writer/videographer Anne Heller, who runs the blog Exploitation Cine Digest.
  • AustinCinephile -- The bloggers at Austin Cinephile.
  • austinkleon -- Local illustrator Austin Kleon, who does some pretty cool sketches of film-related events.
  • belfour1 -- Local film producer and movie lover Tiffany Sullivan.
  • BTSjunkie -- Austin movie geek Brian Kelley. Bonus points if you know what the "BTS" stands for.
  • cDab -- Austin film critic Cole Dabney.
  • claudasaur -- Claudette Godfrey, SXSW Film Festival Coordinator.
  • cyrusfromspill -- The name says it all: Cyrus from the film site Spill.
  • donswaynos -- Local filmmaker/editor Don Swaynos.
  • flabbyironman -- Film geek and graphic designer Brian Behm.
  • domeister -- Local movie screening rep Hai Do, who sometimes posts info on free preview screening passes.
  • gholson -- Local illustrator and Cinematical/Sci-Fi Squad contributor John Gholson.
  • hyams -- B-Side Entertainment founder Chris Hyams.
  • JanetPierson -- Janet Pierson, who's in charge of SXSW Film Festival.
  • jmerriman -- Austin Film Festival programmer John Merriman. One of the most consistently funny Twitterers I know.
  • jomoconnell -- Author and entertainment writer Joe O'Connell, who always has the latest film/TV production news from central Texas.
  • jneece -- Jarod Neece of SXSW Film Festival and Taco Journalism.
  • katcandler -- Austin filmmaker/film instructor Kat Candler.
  • Kelly Williams -- Kelly Williams, Film Program Director of Austin Film Festival.
  • larsalamo -- Lars Nilsen, Weird Wednesday programmer for Alamo Drafthouse.
  • massawyrm -- Ain't It Cool/Spill contributor Massawyrm.
  • moiseschiu -- Hollywood Elsewhere contributor Moises Chiullan.
  • oh_steph -- Stephanie from Austinist.
  • Paul_Gandersman -- Filmmaker/photographer Paul Gandersman.
  • PeterSHall -- Peter Hall, new to Austin, contributor to Cinematical/Horror Squad.
  • rejects -- Film School Rejects editor Neil Miller, now residing in Austin.
  • RebFef -- SXSW Film Festival publicist Rebecca Feferman.
  • Robogeek -- Austin producer Paul Alvarado-Dykstra, now the Central Texas rep for TXMPA.
  • rodneydp -- Rodney Perkins, who writes for Twitch.
  • timalamo -- Tim League, co-founder of the original Alamo Drafthouse theaters.
  • timbasham -- Tim Basham, local contributor to Paste magazine.
  • victorochodiaz -- News 8 Austin reporter Victor Diaz, who covers local film-related news and events.
  • zackalamo -- Alamo Drafthouse programmer Zack Carlson, who wishes the world still ran on VHS.

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