Idiocracy just won't leave Austin


IdiocracyAlamo on South Lamar is showing Idiocracy nightly for one more week. I've got to find time this weekend to see it again, because who knows when in the world Twentieth Century Fox will release it on DVD. I realize there are lots of films in local theaters that I haven't seen for the first time and really should prioritize over Idiocracy (The U.S. vs. John Lennon, Jesus Camp, Matador, and a bunch of other titles that I just realized have left theaters, damn it), but I'd like to see if the Mike Judge movie makes me laugh as hard as it did when we saw it on opening night.

Meanwhile, Movie City Indie has linked to an alleged pre-production copy of the Idiocracy script. The date on the cover page reads August 2003. I haven't read the whole script yet, but I tend to agree with Movie City Indie's assessment that the script is closer to the released film that you'd think. There's voice-over narration, although not as much as in the finished film. And the script is 110 pages long, which at a page a minute is rather longer than the 84-minute running time. However, there's no proof whatsoever that this script is genuine, so take it with a grain of salt.

Updated: After reading the whole script -- if it is the actual script, my guess is that there wasn't enough money in the budget for the National Fart Museum, the Liberry of Congress, or the Extreme Court. Too bad.

And ScreenGrab found an extra still. That makes three, wow!

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Idiocracy missing scenes

My whole family were extras in Idiocracy. The National Fart Museum & the Liberry of Congress were both filmed. My mom was in the museum scene & my brother was in the Library scene. We were disappointed to see the film had been gutted so much.

Re: Idiocracy missing scenes

Oh, I hope someday that the National Fart Museum footage shows up on a DVD (assuming the movie gets a DVD release). That's the kind of humor that my dad adores.