Slackery News Tidbits: The Musical

Danny Trejo, by Dana Gonzales on FlickrAustin film-related news does seem to have a definite musical theme going this week. Or maybe I'm just stretching the point to justify the above title? I do have a whole lot of movie news today, some of which has nothing to do whatsoever with music, but you can always sing while you're reading or play some nice show tunes in the background.

  • A small paragraph in the Arts: Casting Call section of the Austin Chronicle provides us with the news that Salvage Vanguard Theater and Doctuh Mistuh Productions are planning to stage Evil Dead: The Musical in Austin in the near future. They're still holding auditions this week, so contact Elle Mahoney at stylelle [at] gmail [dot] com for details. I'm looking forward to seeing this very curious theatrical production when it opens: Ash! He sings, he dances, he uses a chainsaw!
  • The celebrity-spotting related to Machete shooting in Austin has already started. Several people, including our own Jenn Brown, spotted Danny Trejo (pictured at right) catching a movie at Alamo Ritz over the weekend. In addition, Austin Metblogs' Tim Trentham got a peek at Tom Savini while at the Paramount watching Forbidden Planet. Obviously if you want to see the coolest cast and crew from Robert Rodriguez's production, you should go to the movies. (I know my audience: I bet most of you would rather see Savini than Lindsay Lohan.)
  • Terrence Malick's film The Tree of Life, which was filmed in Austin and all around Central Texas, is now slated for a December 2009 release. Excellent. The cast includes Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Fiona Shaw.
  • Those of you who watched The Least of These at SXSW or on SnagFilms, where it's still available online for free, may be interested to know that the T. Don Hutto Residential Center in Taylor will no longer house families who are waiting for immigration decisions.
  • Some aerial footage in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was shot at Fort Hood, just down the road in Killeen. Victor Diaz at News 8 Austin has all the details as well as a video interview with director Stephen Sommers.
  • You may know Lars Nilsen as that very tall guy who programs Weird Wednesday at Alamo Drafthouse, and Anne Heller as the not-tall woman who shoots video of Alamo special events ... and occasionally contributes to Slackerwood. But did you know they also are part of a band called Aurora Plastics Company? They'll be performing on Monday, August 17 at midnight at Plush (617 Red River) as part of an evening of experimental improv music, with video projections from Paul Baker.
  • Something else I didn't know: Spider House now shows 9 pm and midnight movies every night? Check out the schedule. This week's films include the first Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street movies, The Harder They Come (which is musical, see?), and a "Vote for the movie" night.
  • The IFC Fall Repertory Calendar devotes a page to films playing in Austin, mostly at Alamo Drafthouse.
  • Cinema Is Dope, the movie-image site run by Austin film buff and Fantastic Fest programmer Blake Ethridge, is running an Inglourious Basterds contest, where you can win a poster and some David Bowie vinyl. You have to share your favorite musical moment from a Quentin Tarantino film.
  • Finally, just a reminder that you can still get tickets for the two upcoming fancy-pants premieres at The Paramount. The Shorts movie and carnival takes place Sunday, August 16, and the Extract premiere is Tuesday, August 18. It seems only orchestra seats are left for Extract, which are a bit pricey; however, if you buy a SXSW badge by this Thursday, you can enter a drawing for free tickets to the event.

[Photo credit: "Danny Trejo" by Dana Gonzales. Found on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license.]

Trejo is cool man but i

Trejo is cool man but i rather meet Lohan than Savini