Slackerwood, AFS and Blue Starlite Bring 'Cinema Six' to Austin


Cinema Six

I'm so happy to be able to tell you that Slackerwood is coordinating with Blue Starlite Urban Drive-In to host the Austin premiere of the Central Texas-shot indie comedy Cinema Six later this month.

The movie will screen on Friday, November 30 at 8 pm at the Blue Starlite setup at Austin Studios. Cinema Six co-writer/director Mark Potts will be attending the event, and I'm willing to bet other local cast and crew will be there as well.

We're giving away several tickets at the end of this article. Keep reading.

If you missed the giveaway, buy tickets now through the Blue Starlite website, either to drive in with your car and watch the movie, or to walk-in with your blanket or lawn chair and watch it that way. It's going to be the end of November in Austin, so it might be chilly (like 60 degrees, brrrr!) if you're walking in -- I suggest the lawn chair AND the blanket.

I saw Cinema Six earlier this year when it premiered at Dallas International Film Festival. Because I am lazy, here's what I wrote back then:

"Cinema Six is about three longtime small-town movie theater employees who know they're in a dead-end situation but can't seem to move anywhere better. Mason (John Merriman) is unofficially in charge of the theater crew after the manager (Chris Doubek) walks off the job. Mason's wife wants him to grow up a little and take more responsibility for his family. But he has his hands full trying to be responsible for his friends Gabe (Potts), a projectionist who's increasingly reluctant to leave his booth and mix with the world, and Dennis (Brand Rackley), who can't get over his recent failed relationship."

"The movie is chock-full of delightful comic moments, most of which would earn an R rating (or worse) if the MPAA ever got its hands on the film. You may never view movie concessions in quite the same way again. Despite a lot of language that would appall my mom, Cinema Six is more gentle and sweet than Potts and Selix's earlier films."

That should clue you in that you want to get your concessions before the movie starts. Blue Starlite offers standard concessions like popcorn and hot dogs, as well as vintage candy and a make-your-own-s'mores package. Also, starting this month, you can get hot chocolate ... they must have known I would be there. If you're an Austin Film Society member, you can get a discount if you buy one of the concession packages in advance.

Cinema Six has a lot of Austin connections -- it was shot in Lockhart and Austin, the cast includes many local actors (and UT alum Todd Berger, briefly). Kelly Williams and Don Swaynos produced the movie, which was shot by Clay Liford and edited by Swaynos. Stuck On On did the post-production, with music from Lyman Hardy. I got to visit the set last year at the Lockhart multiplex.

Now. Those tickets I promised to give away. We've got five pairs of walk-in tickets and two car slots to give out today. Here's what to do: Go to the Slackerwood Facebook page. Find the link to this article. Post a comment about the weirdest theatrical experience you've ever had. The comments that get the most Likes by the end of the day on Thursday, November 8 will get the car slots; we'll pick the walk-in tickets at random.

And I'll see you on November 30 at Blue Starlite. I'll be wrapped in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate (or setting my car on fire trying to make s'mores). And as a bonus, here's the Cinema Six trailer: