Introducing the Slackerwood Podcasting Adventure


Chris and Jette at Weird Wednesday, courtesy of Blake

A couple of weeks ago, Chris Holland suggested that we might want to start doing a podcast for Slackerwood. We could set up a regularly scheduled time to record the podcast, talk about as much Austin film stuff as we liked in 20 minutes, and have a lot of fun.

We recorded the first podcast last week, and here it is for your listening pleasure. We're planning to do this around every two weeks, more or less, and we're hoping to include some guests -- filmmakers, local festival organizers, maybe even other film writers. Chris does the audio editing and other heavy lifting -- my job is to chat with Chris about movies in coherent if not witty ways, and try not to babble.

Special thanks should go to my husband Chip, who worked Drupal magic to set up a separate RSS feed for the podcast, and tinkered with other behind-the-scenes things to the website to make it easy for me to upload and post the podcasts.

Let us know what you think about the podcast, and if there are topics you'd like to see covered in future podcasts. Austin's fall film-festival season is nearly upon us, so I expect we'll cover a lot of that in the next month or two.

[Photo credit: Blake Ethridge of Cinema Is Dope ... the only photo I could find of Chris and me together, and also taken after one of the few times I've been able to go to Weird Wednesday. Thanks, Blake!]

Enjoyed the 1st Podcast

As to your "not letting the podcast become the 'Alamo show' rule" however, please don't be too slavish to this thought. Speaking as someone without an Alamo in my town, I think, of all the things Austin collectively has to offer that makes it such a great movie town, the Alamo would, all by itself, push Austin to the top of the list. Therefore, don't shy away from Alamo coverage/discussion just because you feel like you will be doing it all the time - it is precisely the Alamo's level of greatness that puts it, and Austin, in such rarified air.