2011 in Review: Jette's Favorite Photos


SXSW Film Festival 2011

Here are some of my favorite photos that I took at Austin film events and festivals in 2011. You can click the photos to find out more about each subject or event.

Oh, and apart from the picture with Elmo at the top, these are not vanity photos ... so don't think this is going to be All About Me. The photos cover a variety of interesting and notable people, from Marc Savlov to Dominic Monaghan; from the Bellflower car to Jack Black ... and more.

Bernie red carpet

SXSW Film Festival 2011

SXSW 2011: Medusa shows off

Slacker 2011 Premiere: Marc Savlov

Slacker 2011 Premiere: Post-Film

Fantastic Fest 2011, Day Three

Fantastic Fest 2011, Day Three

James Franco at Austin Film Festival

Mark Duplass at Austin Film Festival

Slacker at Austin Studios

[Photo credit: All photos by J. Kernion. All rights reserved.]


Lucky you for being at these events! I would have dearly loved to have seen Dom Monaghan. That's a great photo of him.

Dom Monaghan!

It looks like it was a lot of fun over there. And I'm backing up Connie's comment. Dom is such a lovely guy. He's not on my TV enough!