(Free!) Santo Superestrella Series from Cine Las Americas



Cine Las Americas has been honoring both the 200th anniversary of Mexico's independence and the 100th anniversary of its revolution all year with a variety of film series. The latest is free, and perfect for the season, as it celebrates that famous masked superhero ... Santo.

If you're not familiar with the Santo legend, Santo was a professional wrestler in Mexico in the early 20th century. Santo was so popular he not only became a folklore icon, but spawned a series of 52 films from 1958 through 1982, with the most famous film being Santo vs. las Mujeres Vampiro (Santo vs. the Vampire Women), which was featured on MST3K. Locals who frequent the Alamo Drafthouse have probably at least seen some clips of Santos films as part of the Alamo pre-shows. But you can now see five of those films in their entirety for the hefty sum of whatever amount of fuel it costs for you to get to the Mexican American Culture Center (MACC) on River Street. 

The Santo Superestrella series runs from October 18 through November 15. Best of all, it's free, and open to the public.  All screenings start at 8 pm, and include English subtitles.   

Update:  Santo en el museo de cera (Santo in the Wax Museum) was originally scheduled to screen on October 18th but will now screen on November 1st. 

The Santo Superestrella series is presented in collaboration with The Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center and the Consulate General of Mexico in Austin. Cine Las Americas promotes cross-cultural understanding and growth by educating, entertaining and challenging diverse audiences through film and media arts.