Mexican American Culture Center (MACC)

600 River Street, Austin TX 78701
(512) 926-1369

The Mexican American Cultural Center is dedicated to the preservation, creation, presentation, and promotion of Mexican American cultural arts and heritage. The center is a tremendous resource for the community and visitors to learn and participate in classes and programs that will foster a meaningful understanding and appreciation of not only Mexican American but also Native American, Chicano, and other Latino cultures. The programs and educational curriculum include the areas of visual art, theater, dance, literature, music, multi-media and the culinary arts.

The idea of establishing a cultural facility for Latino artists and the community emerged in the early 1970's. Hispanic visionaries, community members, and artists approached the City of Austin to request support for the development of a Hispanic focused cultural arts facility. After years of planning, the center was officially opened on September 15, 2007.