Quick Snaps: Last Night at the Dobie


Dobie marquee

I wasn't at the Dobie Theatre last night when Landmark showed movies there for the last time. I did go to the theater on Saturday and took some photos during the daytime, which I'll share a little later this week. It was unfortunate that the theater closed during the same weekend that hundreds of students were moving into the dorms above it, but many local Dobie lovers still persisted in getting to campus for one last movie there.

Among the faithful was Austin filmmaker/film lover Tate English, who saw the last movie at the Dobie last night, and snapped a couple of photos of the Dobie's final message to Austin on its marquee. You can see the other side of the marquee after the jump. If you're on Facebook, you can also see Tate's entire Facebook album from his last evening at Dobie. Thanks again to Tate for giving Slackerwood permission to publish these pictures.

Dobie marquee


Awww, that just made me sad.


I don't know for sure about the dates, but I lived at Dobie starting in 1978, and the theater was there and I didn't have the impression it was brand-new then. I don't know when Dobie was built exactly, either - I would be interested in knowing more about all that. I know the building was there by 1976 or so, when I was still in high school. I went to a lot of midnight movies there in the late 70s and early 80s. (I remember seeing "Myra Breckinridge" there, among other things.)

when i first began managing

when i first began managing the theatre, i spent a good 2 months trying to figure out the exact opening date and what was played, etc. it went on and on and i never got an offical answer, so that's what i just said 197?, i could never find out, even on paper archives at the library.