A Birthday Gift from Alamo?


The latest entry on the Alamo Drafthouse blog tentatively gives an opening date for Alamo at the Ritz: Friday, November 2. (You may remember that Chris got a sneak peek at the new theater a few weeks ago.) This date hasn't yet been officially announced or anything -- an update to the entry notes that Tim League is actually shooting for Nov. 1. But I'm hoping that they go with the second day of the month.

The reason? Nov. 2 is my birthday. Getting to spend it at the brand-new downtown Alamo would be -- well, not the best birthday present ever, since my husband is so good at finding fabulous film-related gifts for me. But it would be a pretty damn fine way to spend my birthday, especially if they have milkshakes at the new Alamo. Yes, this is a hint. I don't even care what's being shown (as long as Chris Columbus wasn't involved), although I'll let you know as soon as details are available. 

Yes, your birthday at the grand Alamo Ritz opening sounds swell

I support this concept wholeheartedly! Since we were indirectly involved in your birthday last year, it would be great fun to celebrate it again this year together at the new Alamo.


I think the opening of the Alamo Ritz would be an excellent opportunity to bring back the chocolate cake. We miss the chocolate cake. Maybe you could get a slice with a birthday candle in it.

You listening, Tim?

Who doesn't love cake?

Is that the molten chocolate cake a la mode? I thought they still had that.

not that cake

No, they killed off the old chocolate cake when the molten cake was introduced because they knew—KNEW!!!—that this new fancy pants cake could not stand up to the blissful wonder of the original.

The old cake was the sort your mom would make—if your mom was a goddam ninja betty crocker.

the earlier, better cake

Before the molten chocolate cake, Alamo had this other chocolate cake that still has a cult following. I don't think they made it themselves, but got it someplace in South Austin.