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Eenie Meenie Miney Movies: November 2010



Parenting and film nerdery can often be at odds. So many movies are inappropriate for kids and the cost of a babysitter can inflate the price of a movie ticket beyond what one might reasonably want to pay. One great allure of movies, after all, is that they are relatively cheap entertainment. It's not that there is any dearth of movies for kids -- quite the opposite, of course. The problem is that so few of the "kids movies" out there are suitable for parents. Children will watch damn near anything, but finding a film in theaters that will entertain me, my wife and my four-year-old daughter Elizabeth is like striking gold. The last movie that fit those criteria was Toy Story 3 -- and that was back in June.

A few days ago Elizabeth said to me that she wanted to see more movies in the theater (insert your own "chip off the old block" metaphor here). "Well, this is Austin," I thought. "It's a pretty good town for movies -- maybe I'm just not trying hard enough to find flicks in the theaters that we could go see together." I'll post the results of my research here along with upcoming and recent DVD releases for those weekends when you're feeling like a night in is more your speed.

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