Review: Zombieland



Despite seeing over 20 films in the last ten days, the most memorable movie quotes that have stayed with me are from Zombieland. The zombie carnage and laughs start with the opening credits. The action continues as an unlikely band of survivors make their way from Texas to a zombie-free nirvana, an amusement park on the West Coast.

Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) has neurotic tendencies which prove to be assets in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. His set of rules which include "Beware of bathrooms," "Double tap" and "Seatbelts" help him survive until he meets up with Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson). Harrelson's performance as the zombie-killing, ass-whuppin' Twinkie-lovin' Tallahassee hits the mark in toughness and wittiness. Emma Stone as Wichita turns in a strong performance as the older sibling in a grifter team, but it's Abigail Breslin as Little Rock who holds her own in an exchange with Tallahassee about Hannah Montana.

I won't give details and spoil the fun and surprise, but must mention that a cameo appearance of a well-known comedic actor is hysterically ingenious. I'm still laughing to think of what is easily one of the most memorable scenes in this movie. The climatic scene in the amusement park is a bit formulaic, but it's easy to forgive thanks to more comedic ingenuity and sight gags that really deliver.

Zombieland has a bit more substance than the typical sub-genre of zombie films, focusing on the relationships between characters. Columbus has never felt that he had a real family. Through the adventures with Tallahasse and the sisters he finds the closest thing to one with his fellow survivors -- as dysfunctional as they may be -- and romance.

If a zombie breakout ever did occur, I'd want Tallahasee to have my back and I'd be armed with Columbus's rules. Which reminds me -- don't forget to check the backseat for zombies when you leave the movie!

Good zombie movie

THis is yet another of the tons of zombie flix that are being released these days; however, it is better than your normal crapola release since the characters are actually well done and the acting is decent also. The story isnt exactly amazing or groundbreakingly new or anything.