"Everybody comes to Austin."


This week's News from Slackerwood post is now available on Cinematical. I'm still trying to decide which Richard Rush-attended movie I should see on Wednesday night: We own The Stunt Man on DVD, but I'd like to hear what Rush says about it. And I've been wanting to see Psych-Out since I was in high school and looked up all the early films of Jack Nicholson for some reason I can't remember now. (I wish Alamo would show Rush's Freebie and the Bean, which I'm tempted to go rent on VHS from Vulcan Video.)

Update: I saw both the Richard Rush movies at Alamo's double-feature. I've got photos of Rush that maybe someday I'll even post.

Freebie and the Bean

You find a print of Freebie and Lars will show it. It's just hard to find a print of any Rush movie.