Site News: Slackerwood Prepares to Wrap Up


Pennybacker Bridge

I've been writing for and editing Slackerwood now for about nine years -- a long time, especially on the internet. And while it's been a wonderful experience, I feel like it's time for me to move on.

May 27, 2015 will be the last day we'll publish content to Slackerwood. The site will still remain online and searchable but it'll be an archive, essentially. Over the next month, we'll be winding down with a few final editions of regular columns and other coverage.

Why close the site? Because Slackerwood doesn't deserve an even slightly restless editor, to paraphrase Jon Stewart. Editing and publishing Slackerwood, while often delightful and rewarding, is a time-consuming job. After nine years, I'd like to spend that time doing other things, like more writing.

Why May 27? Because I consider that the ninth anniversary of Slackerwood. I had posted a few blog entries earlier in April 2006 just to get the feel of things, but the first post anyone really read was on May 27, 2006. I think the Statesman's Austin Movie Blog even picked up the post and linked to it. And after that, I started posting articles regularly ... and now in 2015, here we are.

I appreciate all of you who have supported the site over the years by reading and commenting. I'll miss you.

I'm especially going to miss working with all our excellent Slackerwood contributors, past and present. I want to thank them for the amazing hard work they've put into Slackerwood over the years. I also want to thank our webmaster Chip, who's kept the site up and running for all nine years. I'll certainly thank everyone again before we shutter the website, but I feel like I can't do it enough.

Finally, a shameless plug: Most of us are now available for freelance entertainment writing work -- drop me a line if you want contact information for any contributors. I would love to continue to be able to read their excellent work on other sites (and you'd be lucky to have them writing for you, too).

In the meantime, keep reading for the next month -- we've got plenty of content planned, including coverage of the Hill Country Film Festival and Noir City Austin.

[Photo credit: "Pennybacker Bridge" by Christopher Rose. Found on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license.]

Sorry to see it go

Well that's a bummer, but understandable. I wasn't a very active commenter, but definitely an active reader. If the current staff is amenable, maybe post their twitter or personal blog / site links so people can follow them elsewhere for more local flavor than what I get from the Statesman the Drafthouse related stuff.

Thanks for all the writing and coordinating over the years.

Slackerwood contributors

Tim - good idea. Contributor info is here:

I'll suggest to Jette that she remind the contributors to review their profiles and make sure the info is current.

So long and thanks for all the fish

Thank you for the years of great coverage and passionate support for all of my work & my friend's projects.
It's a boon to me and I'll always remember you guys. Good fortune on your future adventures!