Ready, Set, Fund: Queens, Teens and Lazer Team


Ready, Set, Fund is a column about crowdfunding and fundraising endeavors related to Austin and Texas independent film projects.

With summer in full swing, we've happened upon several Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns of films gearing up to shoot over these next few months. Headlining these campaigns is the Lazer Team project, the first feature film to be made by Austin production group Rooster Teeth (Red vs. Blue). A bit elusive in the plot description, the story is described as a live-action sci-fi comedy that takes place in the aftermath of receiving an alien signal on Earth.

The Indiegogo campaign raised an impressive $650,000+ on its first launch day, and has now crossed the $1.5 million mark. I'm sure it's due to not only a large fan base, but the impressive incentives offered. Already sold out of the highest two, perks include 20-second voicemails from your favorite Rooster Teeth personality ($400 donation), a Virtual LAN Party with the RT team ($2,000 donation), and even a walk-on role in the film ($6,000 donation). You can watch the video below for more information. The campaign ends on July 6.

Other Austin and Texas-related projects seeking funds:

  • Nasty -- This short is the pioneer film from first-time director Mathew S. Maron. Described as "a twisted tale of makeup, murder, mayhem and ... men in wigs," Nasty is a pyschological thriller of a black comedy about a homicidal drag queen named Nasty. The cast and crew are local, and comprise some of Austin's most popular drag performers such as CupCake and Nadine Hughes. The campaign ends Friday, June 27.
  • Pushing Out Daisy -- Another debut film on the list, this time a short from writer/director Alison Week. Pushing Out Daisy is a narrative short that explores the complicated relationship between a mother and daughter later in life. Anne must reconcile with her cantankerous mother either before she dies or before she decides to take matters into her own hands… whichever comes first. Their campaign is set to launch Saturday, June 28.
  • This Word Now -- Although this isn't a film project, it involves a local filmmaker: Owen Egerton, whose short Follow screened at SXSW 2013 (Jordan's interview). He and his wife Jodi are teaming up to write a book together. Entitled This Word Now, the book is described as a tool all writers on any level could use. Whether you're needing techniques to find inspiration, crafting narrative structure or just trying to make it through your first act, this book will offer tips and practices to get you through them. Backers of $10 or more will receive a copy of the finished product, as well as other great incentives such as writing consultations, a poem based on the donor and other cool stuff. The Kickstarter video has to be on the most hilarious ones I've seen in a while (see below). The campaign ends on July 1.
  • Austin Film Festival's Teen Infusion Room -- Lovingly known as "the screenwriter's festival," AFF teamed up with Dell Children's Blood and Cancer Treatment Center to raise money for their Teen Infusion Room. The festival has outfitted the center with films, games, posters and other memorabilia to create a film lover's environment for kids and teens who are receiving treatment. AFF also has three film programs they're organizing this summer specifically for the program, including screenings of Homeward Bound and Hook with the screenwriters in attendance. Check out the AFF website (linked above) for more information, as well as make a donation to a great cause.  

Still accepting contributions:

  • What Doesn't Kill You -- This is the first feature film from writer-director Amanda Lundquist. Co-written with Rebecca Karpovsky, the film is about Sophia Stavinsky, a queer first-generation Russian Jew growing up in Boston. When her bigger-than-life grandmother returns from prison, Sophia and her family's lives are turned upside, causing her to seek release in her favorite pastime: stand-up comedy. The film is set to shoot in Boston this fall, with local cast and crew attached. Although the fundraising campaign has ended, you can still contribute via PayPal on the movie's website.

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Ready, Set, Fund.

Hi Slackerwood!
We are in the middle of our IndieGoGo Campaign for our in production horror comedy feature film, "Fun With Hacklye: Axe Murderer." The premise to the film is that masked serial killers (like Jason or Michael Myers) all work for a company for serial killers. They have serial killer HR, a serial killer boss, etc. And our main killer, Hackley is going through a mid-life crisis and rethinking his life and career.

You can see our campaign here:

We are all Austin film makers, with the exception of a Houston based DP and a Houston based actress. My last feature film (Cherry Bomb) was entirely Austin based and had international distribution. Any help you could give spreading the word would mean the world to us!!

Thanks so much!

Garrett Hargrove

Re: Ready, Set, Fund

Thanks for letting us know, Garrett. We will try to include it in next month's write-up. Best of luck with the campaign!