Movies This Week: January 24-30, 2014


The Invisible Woman

In the Austin Film Society's ongoing Godard vs. Truffaut series, it's time to return to the world of Antoine Doinel this weekend. The 1962 short film Antoine Et Collette will be paired with 1967's Stolen Kisses. Both films will screen in 35mm tonight and again on Sunday afternoon at the Marchesa. On Tuesday night, you can head up to the AFS Screening Room at Austin Studios for an Avant Cinema screening of the 1929 experimental Russian film Man With A Movie Camera.

Make sure you're back at the Marchesa on Wednesday night as Richard Linklater kicks off his new series Jewels In The Wasteland: A Trip Through '80s Cinema with Martin Scorsese's The King Of Comedy screening in a brand new print. This is the first film in the 1980-1983 portion of the 35mm series, which will be programmed through May. Linklater himself will be introducing all the films and hosting post-screening discussions, so you'll want to make sure you make some time to attend as many of these as you can. 

It's going to be an incredible year for repertory screenings in Austin. We've already learned about the Alamo 100 and this week also marks the launch of the Paramount 100, which is starting off in anticipation of The Paramount Theatre's 100 birthday next year. They are programming a chronological series which is expected to include a variety of 35mm prints and new digital restorations. It begins on Wedneday with Early Silent Cinema: The Nickelodeon Years. Admission is a mere 5 cents (for this one night only) and will include Edison and Lumiere short films from 1894-1897, 1902's A Trip To The Moon, 1903's The Great Train Robbery and a series of D.W. Griffith, Max Linder and Keystone Kops shorts. 

The Alamo has made an effort to bring some of the Oscar-nominated films for Best Picture back to their theaters. This weekend, they've added Nebraska, Gravity, 12 Years A Slave and Dallas Buyers Club back into the mix at their theaters across town. Director Jason Reitman has been in town shooting his next movie and he's carving a little time out on Sunday afternoon to hang out at the Ritz and do a Q&A for Young Adult. The Ritz also has a rare screening of Fassbinder's The Bitter Tears Of Petra Von Kant for their Homo Arigato! series on Monday night. Alamo Slaughter Lane will be showing Marcel Camus' 1959 film Black Orpheus on Thursday night. It will be introduced by Dr. Jason Borge, Associate Professor of Latin American Literature and Culture at UT Austin and Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro, a musician/extra in the film, will also be on hand along with an in-theater samba demonstration. 

Movies We've Seen

The Invisible Woman - While this period drama didn't turn out to quite be the awardwinning film Sony Pictures Classics likely had in mind when they acquired it, it did earn an Oscar nomination last week for Best Costume Design. Ralph Fiennes directs the picture and also stars as Charles Dickens, telling the story of his hidden mistress. Marcelena has our review, where she notes that at times the narrative lags, but ultimately it's "quite beautiful and haunting." (Regal Arbor, Violet Crown Cinema)

Also Opening In Austin 

Gimme Shelter - Vanessa Hudgens inexplicably looks just like a younger Justin Bieber on the movie poster for this movie where she stars as a pregnant teen in this faith-based, pro-life drama. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when the target audience for this one goes out and rents Spring Breakers afterwards. The supporting cast includes Brendan Fraser, Rosario Dawson and James Earl Jones. (Regal Metropolitan, Regal Gateway) 

I, Frankenstein - Stuart Beattie, the screenwriter of G.I. Joe: The Rise Of The Cobra, directs this graphic novel adaptation starring Aaron Eckhart and Bill Nighy. The only wide release film of the weekend, it did not screen for local critics. (screening in 2D, 3D and digital IMAX 3D formats, wide) 

The Saratov ApproachThis low-budget independent thriller is based on the true story of two Mormon missionaries who were kidnapped and held for ransom in Russia. It was released across Utah and other LDS communities last fall and achieved enough success to now start rolling out in a wider release across the country. (Cinemark Tinseltown North, Cinemark Tinseltown South)