Ready, Set, Fund: Of Monsters and Men


Ready, Set, Fund is a column about crowdfunding and related fundraising endeavors for Austin and Texas independent film projects.

Tinker Bell just didn't cut it for me as a kid. I was more about the depictions of changelings that I read about in the half-price Scandinavian mythology books my family members thought made "nice" Christmas gifts. Needless to say, when I read about the Indiegogo campaign for the independent "unreliable documentary" Preternatural I got excited -- and wished I had $35,000 to give its filmmakers. 

Austin-based brothers Sean and Tim Cunningham (part of the team behind 2012's Austin-shot indie Sick Boy) have racked up more than 60 feature film credits (nine of those received VFX Academy Award-nominations), and they now aim to put terror back into fairy folklore. No more of this post-Victorian, Disneyfied ludicousness; with Preternatural, about modern-day monsters living amongst us in plain sight, we're talking "eat your face type of creatures" like changelings (typically the offspring of fairies that's been substituted for a human child), trolls, ogres, shifters and "much, much worse."

Tim Cunningham, writer/director/producer, explains in the campaign trailer below that he was laid off from his job with Rhythm & Hues Studios and, although he appears to begin a monster transformation of his own, ultimately regains his optimistic cool.

"This is going to be a kickass horror film," Cunningham says.

For those who are quick to note others' membrane insanity but never fully embrace their own personal eccentricities, this Kickstarter campaign is for you. That's So Crazy, It Just Might Work is a web series that explores the "hidden, crazy, ridiculous side of creativity" through interviews with innovators. The show's creators have already lined up guests for its first 10 episodes, including Austin writer/artist Austin Kleon and Max Temkin, who helped invent Cards Against Humanity, a multiplayer card game my roommate constantly asks me to play. Get on the awesome rocket-powered bus that is the show's logo and take a risk on a crazy idea (that isn't harmful to yourself or others). 

Other film-related projects funding this month:

  • Spider Veins -- Award-winning Dallas filmmaker/actor Frank Mosley (Upsteam Color, Ain't Them Bodies Saints), who stars in 2013 AFS Grant recipient Some Beasts and is a Dallas VideoFest programmer, returns after four years with this project, which follows two estranged friends who reunite for a "single, nostalgic night." Dallas theater staple Danielle Pickard and Mosley's Upsteam Color castmate Carolyn King are both co-stars. 
  • The Reacquaintance -- Another Dallas-based production, this short film is about a hitman who is challenged by an old friend to make a change of heart. 
  • Ghosts of Wimberley -- "Based on a true story," this drama tells the story of a 10-year-old girl's fight with polio in post-WWII Texas and the events surrounding the reunion with her war veteran father.  

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