We've Got Tickets (for You) to 'The School of Rock' Reunion


Bernie red carpet/benefit

Would you like to spend an evening with the two gentlemen above -- Austin filmmaker Richard Linklater and actor Jack Black -- and watch The School of Rock too? Of course you would ... and we're giving away two pairs of tickets to the Austin Film Society-sponsored event. Keep reading.

Linklater, Black, screenwriter/actor Mike White, actress Miranda Cosgrove and other younger cast members from The School of Rock will be at the Paramount next Thursday, August 29 for a special tenth-anniversary screening of the movie. Tickets are available at several levels -- VIP ticketholders also have the chance to attend an afterparty at the Gibson Austin Showroom where the band from the movie will perform.

As if that weren't enough, you can also purchase tickets to a special Moviemaker Dialogue with Mike White, moderated by Kimberley Jones of The Austin Chronicle, on Wednesday, August 28 a the Marchesa. If you're an AFS "Make" or higher-level member, admission is free (although you still want to reserve a ticket online).

Here's a photo of White from the Gentlemen Broncos premiere at Fantastic Fest 2009:

Mike White on the red carpet

Now, here's how to get a pair of tickets in the balcony to see The School of Rock. In the comments below, share your favorite rock'n'roll-themed movie. Please be sure to submit your name and email in the comment fields, although no one will see the email but me (and I won't use it for anything but notifying you if you win). You have until Friday, August 23 at 11:59 pm CST. At that time, I'll close comments and pick two winners at random, and notify them via email. Remember that all comments are moderated and I am not always at my computer, so it may take a short while for your comment to appear.

I like The School of Rock a lot, but my favorite rock-music-themed film? Since you asked? Rock'n'Roll High School. ("Do your parents know you're Ramones?") Can't wait to hear yours.

[Photo credits: "Bernie red carpet/benefit" and "Mike White on the red carpet" by J. Kernion, all rights reserved.]

Quadrophenia. No contest.

Quadrophenia. No contest. That movie came out when I was 16, and I mean, I just...I...damn.

"I Am a Golden God."

My favorite rock 'n' roll themed movie is Cameron Crowe's "Almost Famous."

I like The School of Rock

I like The School of Rock a lot, but my favorite rock-music-themed film is High Fidelity

my fav rocknroll (glamrock?)

my fav rocknroll (glamrock?) themed movie is Velvet Goldmine

Almost Famous!!!

Almost Famous!!!

Hands down it's Almost

Hands down it's Almost Famous. I wish my mother could have said about me, "Rock stars have kidnapped my son!"

"Well me and the Lord, we've got an understanding."

Is it a stretch to say BLUES BROTHERS? The best there is.

Spinal Tap

No contest. Epic

School of Rock/Linklater/Black Event

Although School of Rock the Movie changed my life (I now own a School of Rock Franchise near Nasa in Houston,) I've got to say that my fave Rock movie is Almost Famous. I grew up in Detroit and passed by the Creem Offices on my way to High school downtown, and if I'd had Cameron Crowe's adventurous spirit I would have loved to follow that path. Lester Bangs is a Golden God!
My first response was "Rock Movie? Woodstock!" but I think you're looking for a drama, not a documentary.
I recently told one of my School of Rock Students (An awesome 10 year old Bassist) that Tommy Shannon (Double Trouble, Arc Angels, Storyville) played bass for Johnny Winter at Woodstock... and the kid said... "What's Woodstock?" AAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!"

Pink Floyd - The Wall

Pink Floyd - The Wall

The Wall

Hard to beat Roger Waters

under great white northern lights

under great white northern lights, but just because the 1D movie isnt out yet

Eddie and the Cruisers for

Eddie and the Cruisers for sure!.

This Is Spinal Tap

Because it goes to 11.

Eddie and the Cruisers and the Doors

I love School of Rock-- at this point whenever I hear The Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin I now picture Jack Black singing.... I picture Joan Cusack for The One Winged Dove... if I had to choose a different Rock movie, I'm a tried-and-true Eddie and the Cruisers person: Words and Music, Wordman. They go together! The Doors is also awesome, specifically for its desert sequences... Question: Would you consider Road Racers a rock movie? The scenes in the car with the record player are great.