Linklater's Baseball Doc Gets Alamo Screening, DVD Release

Linklater at Paramount

It's been about a year since Austin Film Society premiered Inning by Inning, Richard Linklater's documentary about Texas Longhorns baseball coach Augie Garrido, at the Paramount. I wrote about the movie for Cinematical. I'm not a baseball fan, but the profile of Garrido was fascinating. The film played on ESPN a few times, but we haven't heard much about it since.

Fortunately, Inning by Inning will be released on DVD on June 2. To promote the DVD release, Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar will show the film on Monday, June 1. Linklater will be at the screening and will hold a Q&A afterwards. The tickets aren't yet on sale. I hope this is the non-bleeped-out-for-TV version, because some of Garrido's cussing is almost lyrical.

The DVD apparently includes not only Inning by Inning, but a separate documentary about the Longhorn team's 2006 season called A Game of Adversity. I believe this documentary is directed by Inning by Inning producer Brian Franklin, shown above with Linklater. The DVD also has a 60-minute "feature" called Extra Innings with Augie. This is going to be a real treat for Longhorn baseball fans.

[Photo credit: Austin Film Society. Used with permission.]


"some of Garrido's cussing is almost lyrical"

It is refreshing and inspirational to read a review by someone who has such a profound understanding of the English language. The Normans brought lots of good things to England, but the suppression of easily understood Anglo-Saxon words was not one of them. And though our native tongue can sound threatening, it has also given birth to some of the most beautiful poetry that can ever be written.

I hope whoever is in charge will consider me in a "virtual line" for tickets. I am a baseball fan and knew the owner of the Colt .45s, which eventually morphed into the Astros after their dome was invented and built.

Are they going to talk about

Are they going to talk about how steroids for sale all over the internet have made baseball a dirty sport i mean with A Roid and all the other players admitting to using, and still playing how good of a game is this? I say if their still going to play lets let them all juice up and we'll make the fields twice as long.