SXSW Review: Artois the Goat


Artois the Goat

Here at Slackerwood, the focus is on Austin-related film, and Artois the Goat is about as local as it gets. Directors Cliff and Kyle Bogart are graduates of UT Austin, found their cast at University of Texas MFA acting program, and shot on location around central Texas‎. If you want to see just how local it is, you can go to the Artois the Goat website.

The story is simple. Virgil (Mark Scheibmeir) and Angie (Sydney Andrews) are in love, and like to picnic with exotic cheeses. When Angie takes a job out of state, Virgil's thrown into a tailspin. With a vintage cheesemaker's book to guide him, he's off on a quest to make the winning cheese at a competition to win her back.

It may have been shot on a microbudget, but it doesn't look it. The cinematography is as colorful as the characters. Austin locations include the San Francisco Bakery & Cafe on Anderson Lane, Wheatsville Co-Op, and McCallum High School.

While the plot is a little uneven, it makes up for it with lots of heart. And cheese. Literally and figuratively. It's not for the lactose intolerant; those watching their cholesterol are going to push their Crestor to the limits after a viewing, because they're going to run to their nearest artisanal cheese counter. The SXSW screenings were all at the Alamo Drafthouse, which had special Artois artisanal goat cheese sampler plates.

So Artois the Goat is a little cheesy, but it's supposed to be, and in the best way.