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Texas Film Hall of FameAustin Film Society has promised me that the after-party for the Texas Film Hall of Fame Awards this year is going to be a night to remember. The party starts at 9 pm on Thursday, March 7 in Austin Studio Stage 7 -- it actually overlaps a bit with the awards themselves, so you can get in there and start warming things up before the crowd from the awards ceremony fills the room.

DJ el john Selector will provide some great music, with guest DJs Jim Eno (Spoon), Adrian Quesada (Grupo Fantasmo, Brownout) and Graham Reynolds (do I need to tell you Austin film people who he is?). There will be an open bar, and snacks from local businesses (Tiny Pies!). AFS is also promising us "lots of surprises," and when you consider that this after-party is for an event attended by many local and a few national celebrities, that could mean just about anything (in a good way).

I mean, I'm planning to go, and you know what a wuss I usually am about late-night parties, especially the night before a major local film festival for which I need to pace myself to survive.

Slackerwood is giving away two pairs of tickets to the after-party. I'll tell you how to get them after the jump. And if you don't win, you can buy tickets on the AFS website. The proceeds go to the Texas Filmmakers' Production Fund, and if you're a regular Slackerwood reader you don't need me to tell you how many great local movies have benefitted from this fund.

Okay, here's the very complicated thing you have to do to qualify for the ticket giveaway: Post the title of your favorite Austin-shot movie in the comments. If you want to be interesting, you can tell us why it's your favorite, but even if you just post the title you'll qualify. Make sure you include your email address in the comment form. I'm the only one who will see your email address and I will only use it if you win and I need your info for Will Call.

The deadline for posting is Thursday, February 22, at noon. I'll pick two winners at random, and the winners will each win two tickets to the party. So post your comment now!

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My favorite Austin shot movie is Kid-Thing. Man, I love that movie!

Dana Archip
dana [dot] archip [at] gmail [dot] com

I'm going to go with Machete.

I'm going to go with Machete. That flick was so over the top.

My favorite Austin shot movie is...


After Party


Sin City

Sin City

The Alamo, sheerly for the

The Alamo, sheerly for the fact that it was my first job in the industry (as a PA, of course).

Favorite Austin-shot movie

Dazed and Confused

Office Space

yeaaah....I'm gonna need to win those two tickets :)


because why not!

Kill Bill

Kill Bill!

(oh and close behind-friday night lights both the film and the tv series:)

Alamo because so many of my

Alamo because so many of my friends participated



My favorite Austin-shot movie

My favorite Austin-shot movie is "Miss Congeniality" with Sandra Bullock since she was one of the first big names to move here and get the movie industry interested in Austin.


ExTerminators - Not sure if it's my favorite, but I really enjoyed seeing at SXSW a few years ago.

Hall of Fame Contest 2/22/13

"Blood Simple", so plain and simple . . .

Film noir meets good 'ol boy.
The Coens in their prime...before cultdom enveloped their careers. a different film for them and for Austin.
a special time in Austin, when it takes place. Pre-Boom, long before the Keep us weird thing. Blood Simple captured that essence of mind.

Definitely Office Space.

Definitely Office Space. Yeah, um...I'm going to need you to...(give me those tickets)!


Filming just wrapped and they were a wonderful cast and crew to work with. They brought in many big names but also gave opportunities for many locals to be part of this historic film. Can't wait to see in in November.

Favorite Austin-shot Movie...

Office Space!

Waking Life is important to

Waking Life is important to me, and I remember seeing the premiere at the Paramount, which was the first AFS event I went to when I moved to Austin, so that seems appropriate.

Favorite Austin-shot movie

So many great choices but I'm going with Dazed and Confused. This was filmed in Austin but also echo's my experience in SE Texas.

Austin is such a great movie city - hard to choose a favorite

Office Space is iconic - Loved Tree of Life also!


Dazed and Confused was made when I was only a year old, and yet it resonates with me so strongly... Any film that can reach multiple generations with the same message and still be relevant is worth some recognition.

Spy Kids

Spy Kids

Thank you all!

I've emailed our two winners, so check your messages. Thanks again for some very entertaining answers/comments!