Holiday Favorites 2012: Nathan Christ, 'Twin Peaks'


Welcome to Holiday Favorites, a series in which Slackerwood contributors and our friends talk about the movies we watch during the holiday season, holiday-related or otherwise.

This installment comes from Nathan Christ, director of the Austin music documentary Echotone. Here's his pick:

This holiday season, I'm re-watching Twin Peaks.

It's not a film per se, but a series of one-hour films, and it's pure cinema. It speaks about society in a magical and mysterious way. It's the story of a community and is bursting with melancholy romance, spirituality, and battling archetypes. Most of its characters seek to be good but are frequently disrupted by shocking bursts of evil and violence, which takes on a visceral and chilling significance for me in our recent times.

I watch Twin Peaks during the holiday season because it's a show that, while scaring me, likewise fuels my imagination and challenges my creativity. 

Want to watch? Twin Peaks is available on DVD, and you can rent both seasons locally at both Vulcan Video locations. It's also available streaming on iTunes, Amazon and Netflix Watch Instantly. Relive the '90s with the show's trailer below. 

The Cause to Bring Back Twin Peaks

I just read your article on watching TWIN PEAKS for the holidays. I am writing to you because in September I started a Facebook page called "Bring Back Twin Peaks". Since then it has really taken off and I never realized just how many people there are out there with such strong feelings for the show and their intense passion to have a return of some kind as I have had. I'd love to talk to you more about this subject because I recently heard that David Lynch himself has even been talking to former cast members and dropping typical Lynchian cryptic hints about a possible return. Just before the woman who played the "Log Lady" (Catherine Coulson) was about to travel to the UK for their Twin Peaks Festival, David Lynch called her. All he said was "Remember the smell of engine oil." This is a direct reference to the entrance of the "Black Lodge" in the woods of Twin Peaks where Agent Cooper has been trapped since 1991. I'd be honored if you checked out our page and Twitter and if we could collaborate or communicate this important issue to the millions of fans around the world. I truly feel the timing is right, and especially the whole 25 years later which was referenced in the show all those years ago. Perhaps you guys could help communicate this idea more as you did with that article. This idea has caused a ton of emotion and excitement recently and I feel this could totally happen. If shows like Arrested Development and Dallas can be brought back with success after being gone for so many years, why can't a truly groundbreaking and amazing show like Twin Peaks?!