Fantastic Fest Photos: The American Scream


THEAMERICANSCREAM MannyHome haunt documentary The American Scream premiered at Fantastic Fest 2012 to a sold-out audience, and the audience applause lasted longer in the initial screening than any other film I attended. Therefore it came as no surprise when the film won Best Picture in the Documentary category in the 2012 Fantastic Fest Awards -- read my review of this award-winning documentary that captured the audience and awards jury's hearts.

Several members of the cast and crew were in attendance and participated in a Q&A after the premiere, including director Michael Stephenson (Best Worst Movie) and film subject Manny Souza (pictured above).  After the Q&A the audience was informed that due to a spill in the hallway, attendees would need to exit through an alternate route. We were then ushered out and into a darkened makeshift alcove, where we were greeted by The American Scream producer Zack Carlson -- read my recent interview with Carlson -- who sent groups through the haunted house created exclusively for this year's Fantastic Fest. At the end of the haunt attendees were treated to Halloween candy, cans of SILLY STRING, and complimentary sponsor beer and cocktails.

Check out Fantastic Fest 2012 The American Scream Q & A teaser and see more photos from the event after the jump.

THEAMERICANSCREAM_BariteauFilm subject Victor Bariteau was present and was accompanied by his supportive family members including daughters Gwendolyn and Catherine, and wife Tina (seen above). Bariteau is debuting his professional haunt this Halloween season.

THEAMERICANSCREAM_haunt2The American Scream home haunter Souza used props from local non-profit haunt SCARE for a CURE to create a haunted experience for Fantastic Fest attendees. Souza had several "live monsters" who interacted with passer-bys as seen above.

The American Scream premieres on the Chiller Channel on October 28 at 6 pm CST and will play theatrically in select cities in October.

[Photo credit: "Manny Souza and Michael Stephenson," "The Bariteau Family," "Haunted Graveyard" by Debbie Cerda for Slackerwood, on Flickr.]