Quick Snaps: Elizabeth Avellan Can Chug


Elizabeth Avellan

At the Fantastic Fest awards ceremony, every winner who is present has to chug a beer from their beer-stein award. If the winner isn't there, the awards presenter has to chug ... or else find a willing audience member to help them out. One presenter (not me) found help from Elizabeth Avellan, a local film producer and co-founder of Troublemaker Studios. She attended the ceremony because she was a producer on the Chilean superhero film Santos, which had its U.S. premiere at Fantastic Fest.

Ms. Avellan is a woman of many talents, but I didn't realize that one of them was the ability to chug a mug of Miller High Life. I am now even more impressed.

I haven't had time to post many details about my Fantastic Fest experience here, but (shameless self-promotion alert) you can read my thoughts on the first half of the festival in an article I wrote for The Circuit, Variety's film-festival blog. I've got tons of photos and some good stories, as well as movies to recommend, so keep checking back.

Miller High Life?

That ain't right!

Just saw more of your Fantastic Fest photos and a photo of you on Flickr, and I believe I remember seeing you last night at the Drafthouse. I was a volunteer there, running around with boxes and getting in everyone's way and whatnot.

Nicely documented!

yes, Miller High Life

Tim League kept stressing its reputation as "the champagne of beers."

And hey Heather, we may not have met in person (knowingly), but I am always linking to and favorite-ing your Flickr photos from Alamo events.