Forget Snakes on a Plane ... I'm waiting for Penguins on a Harley


Snakes on a PlaneApparently the Alamo Drafthouse doesn't feel like Snakes on a Plane is quite sufficient. The theater chain wants to encourage other movies with animals trapped on vehicles, wreaking havoc. So they've started a contest: Blanks on a Blank.

Anyone can register a team to make a short film -- you don't have to live in Austin. When you register, the site randomly selects an animal and a vehicle for you. You could end up with Hippos on a Big Wheel, Hyenas on an SUV, or Ants on a Log. After you're assigned an animal and vehicle, it's up to your team to make a 3-5 minute short based on the premise before August 3.

As the shorts are submitted, they'll be posted to the Blanks on a Blank site, so everyone can enjoy Penguins on a Harley. The best shorts will be shown before Alamo's midnight screening of Snakes on a Plane on August 17, with prizes to be awarded to the top entries. Alamo will also host a "Best of Austin" night featuring local submissions.

I'd be tempted to enter, but I'm not sure I could do any better than Cat on a Couch or maybe Cockroach on a Toilet (based on a scary real-life incident in our house earlier this week).

My favorite rule for this contest: "All films must contain the line of dialogue '(your randomly chosen animal) on a motherfucking (your randomly chosen vehicle).'"

Blanks on a motherf@$kin blank

I've been watching these all day. There are some really funny ones. I'd have to say that my favorite so far is Camels on a wheelchair (team sixtring123). Its just classic! You have to see it. I'm still laughing. It got me in the end too... Thanks for the posting.

Blanks on a Blank

OMG Chambers 514! Camels on a Wheelchair gave me a case of the giggling dookie splats! Did you see what Drew wrote here:

Blanks on a Blank

I checked out the site and found some really funny ones...I think I found 2 of the best ones on You Tube, too. If you like comedy, these are your best bets...

Pigs on a Bicycle
Donkeys on a Bus