Quick Snaps: Going Local with My Movie Tree


Paramount tree ornament

Some people have a Christmas tree, some don't. At my house, we have a movie tree that happens to be on display in December and January. It is pink and sparkly and just about all the ornaments on it are related to movies in some way. (It helps that movies have been made about SpongeBob, The Simpsons and now even Yogi Bear.) Every year I like to buy a new ornament or two. Last year, I went crazy on Etsy and eBay. It's a little tricky because the ornaments can't be too big ... it's a small tree.

This year, I have only bought one ornament so far, but I am very proud of it. I was stumbling around on the Paramount Theatre's website, to see which holiday movies were playing this month, and found out that the Paramount sells Christmas ornaments. They aren't cheap, but they are really lovely ... even the box the above ornament arrived in is lovely. The ornament in the above photo portrays the Paramount's stage and fire curtain. You also can get an ornament designed to look like one of the theater's chandeliers, but I went for the one that obviously looks like the Paramount. Now I have something related to Austin film on my movie tree.

Does anyone else know of any Austin-related, movie-related tree ornamentation? I wouldn't mind buying something from Mondo Tees, for example, but I don't remember seeing anything holiday-ish the last time I was there.

After the jump, you can see my whole movie tree. The film wrapped around the base is a trailer for Bride and Prejudice that I bought at a Mondo Tees clearance sale. That's not real popcorn, either -- I'm too lazy for that. The fact that it is in front of a print from, yes, the Paramount is entirely coincidental.

Jette's movie tree

Perfect tree, I love the

Perfect tree, I love the pink.