Alamo at the Ritz Opens Nov. 1


The official word from Tim League has been posted to the Alamo Drafthouse blog: the new Alamo at the Ritz theater will have its grand opening on Thursday, November 1. The evening's lineup is similar in structure to the Alamo Downtown closing night earlier this year: a triple-feature possibility with a big movie feast as the first event and a bizarre midnight movie in store.

The food-and-film event is an all-mushroom feast served around the movie Matango (aka Attack of the Mushroom People). I love mushrooms, but they scare my husband a little, so I'm not sure I'll be there for that one. (To be fair, he tells people that mayonnaise scares me. It's one of those weird relationship things.) The second film is a sneak of the Coen brothers' upcoming film No Country for Old Men, which I've been looking forward to seeing. And the midnight movie will be the first Terror Thursday film at the Alamo Ritz, but the movie itself is still a surprise. The Alamo blog entry says that "it will jump start this signature series with an 80,000 volt electric shock," so you might be able to venture some guesses from that hint.

Tickets will be on sale starting at 5 pm on Sunday, Oct. 21 at the Ritz, and any remaining tickets will be available at 6 pm online at the Alamo site. No word yet on prices, which are supposed to be announced by Friday.

Tupperware Party at NEW ALAMO Nov 17th, 4pm

Come Celebrate! The 2nd Annual Alamo Drafthouse Tupperware Party! For Meals on Wheels!!

Saturday, Nov 17th 2007, 4pm
Austin's Biggest Tupperware Party Ever!
320 E. 6th Street at the historic Ritz Theater!

Come celebrate the weird and wonderful "American Experience" at a Real-Live Tupperware Party with Beverly Miller-Krohn, Tupperware Lady!, followed by the award-winning documentary, Tupperware!, narrated by Kathy Bates.