Quick Snaps: Which Austin Theater Is This?


Movie theater, by Bonita Sarita on Flickr

I was digging around on Flickr this evening -- I'm working to get permission for a couple of very different sets of very cool photos to hopefully publish here next week -- and came across this picture. I like the use of a fisheye lens, very striking. It also makes the theater look oddly cozy.

Now, who can tell us which Austin theater we're seeing in the photograph? Bonus points if you can tell us which movie is playing, too. Post your guesses in the comments.

[Photo credit: "Movie theater" by Sara Robertson. Found on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license.]

It's the Arbor. But I have

It's the Arbor. But I have no idea what movie is playing.

A hint

Sara told me which theater -- and I'll reveal it later -- but the movie being shown is actually a trailer. So perhaps that will help you guess. Also, if you click the photo, you can get to its Flickr page. And if you click All Sizes and pick the largest one, you can get a clearer look at the movie screen.