Fantastic Fest posts confirmed titles


I attended Fantastic Fest in its first year last year and had a great time. (Well, except for the embarrassing moment where I almost fell asleep during Wild Blue Yonder.) This year, the Austin science-fiction/horror/fantasy film festival has expanded to one week and looks like it'll be bigger and better. An early list of confirmed films in the festival was released this week: I have been wanting to see The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes for some time, so I was especially glad to see it included. I'm also interested in the documentary Midnight Movies, which looks like it might have some good interviews with people like George A. Romero and Richard O'Brien. Festival badges are already on sale if you're interested.

In addition, Fantastic Fest is still taking submissions for short and feature films, through July 15. It would be wonderful to see a few local filmmakers and/or locally shot films included in this year's lineup.

Fantastic Fest

Can't wait for Fantastic Fest #2, but I am right there with you on WILD BLUE YONDER. I have never wanted to flee from the Drafthouse so badly. But it's hard to make an inconspicuous exit from a packed Drafthouse. Unfortunately, I couldn't fall asleep because the movie was too damn loud!