Cine Las Americas 2010: Day 5


Sunday ended up being a very short one at Cine Las Americas for me, but not for lack of good films to watch. I did catch Looking for Palladin, starring Ben Gazzara as a former actor working as a cook in small-town Guatemala when a slick Hollywood agent Josh (David Moscow) comes to town to sign him on to a new film. A "locals vs city slicker" premise is just the backdrop for complex relationships and backstories.  Moscow deserves recognition for playing to a bluetooth prop for the first half of the film, while usually in crowded scenes. Yeah, he plays That Guy.

I stuck around to re-watch some of the great shorts in the narrative competition. I said it on Twitter and I'll say it again; that's a reel worthy of a Fantastic Fest program, with provocative and genre stories, including Austinite Miguel Alvarez's Mnemosyne Rising and Joaquin Baldwin's short, intense Sebastian's Voodoo. I definitely want to see more of their work.

Today I wish I could clone myself to be at both the Regal Metropolitan and at Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar. But I can't. That doesn't mean I don't have recommendations for you:

  • The crowd-pleaser El Regalo (The Gift) plays again today. (Metro)
  • Tercer Mundo (Third World), screens this time with Fantastic Fest selection Attack of the Robots from Nebula-5.(Metro)
  • Cerro de la Cruz plays before Quanto Dura o Amor? (Paulista).  It's worth seeing just for the opening short. (Metro)
  • Manuel Carballo's La Profecia De Los Justos (The Last of the Just) is a Mexican/Spanish thriller about a man caught up in a murder investigation who stumbles onto an ancient prophecy that changes his life forever. (Lamar) 
  • Rigoberto Pérezcano's Norteado (Northless) focuses on a man planning on crossing into the U.S. who finds himself stuck in troubled Tijuana, and is confronted by his past and the city that adopts him as he keeps trying to get into the U.S. (Lamar)