Quick Snaps: Gary Kent at Weird Wednesday


Gary Kent: photo by Anne Heller

I missed the Weird Wednesday screening of The Girls from Thunder Strip last week that featured actor/stuntman/filmmaker Gary Kent in attendance (I am too wimpy for weeknight midnight movies, sadly). Fortunately, Anne Heller, who wrote about Kent's film The Pyramid for Slackerwood, was at Alamo on South Lamar that night. She sent me the above photo of Kent, taken by Alamo programmer Lars Nilsen during the Q&A session after the 1966 film, in which Kent plays a rapist named "Teach."

Anne also videotaped the introduction to the film by Lars and Gary Kent. Kent has some delightful stories to tell, especially about Spawn Ranch, where The Girls from Thunder Strip was shot ... and where the mechanic was some guy named Charles Manson. Thanks to Anne and to YouTube, we can all enjoy Kent's stories. (The video is embedded after the jump.)

Utube video

Jette: Thank you so much for the pic and write-ups on Slackerwood. Damned interesting site, isn't it?

I am honored to have a mention there. But, you know, Jette, I am frustrated...I mean, more than usual, as I cannot get the utube video to play the tape of Lars and I talking to the crowd. What am I doing wrong? Advice, please...

Thanks again for your thoughtful postings..
Gary Kent

Dealing with YouTube

I'm glad you liked the write-up and the site, Gary! I've noticed that sometimes the embedded YouTube videos don't play well; I'm not sure why. You might try clicking the "introduction to the film" link in the second paragraph of the entry, which will take you directly to the YouTube page with the video. Hopefully it will play correctly there.