Introducing the Austin Film News Mega-Feed


Monster Truck Show by tink tracy on FlickrIf you were paying close attention to Slackerwood last week, you may have noticed something new in the left sidebar. If you hadn't ... well, that's why I'm telling you now. Slackerwood has created the amazing and awesome Austin Film News Mega-Feed. You have to imagine monster-truck-show echo effects whenever I say it, it is that awesome.

Like many things about Slackerwood, the Austin Film News Mega-Feed (echo, echo) was born out of sheer lazy slackerhood. I was complaining to Chip, who not only performs great technical feats on Slackerwood but also is my husband and often tolerates me fussing about stuff, that I was tired of rewriting the same news items every other local outlet publishes, especially if a) I'm later than they are and b) I have nothing new to say. I sighed and wished that I could just publish one big conglomerate news feed of all these news items on Slackerwood and not have to worry about reporting on every single little bit of news, so I can focus on finding interesting news that isn't available everywhere else.

Chip nodded and sympathized .... and went to his computer and created the Austin Film News Mega-Feed, possibly out of a sense of community, but I suspect also so he wouldn't have to hear me whine anymore. Look over in the left sidebar (you may need to scroll down a bit) and you can see all the headlines from major sources of film-related news in Austin, like the Austin Chronicle's Picture in Picture blog, the Statesman's Austin Movie Blog, and Austinist. We've also added RSS feeds of blogs from local film festivals and theaters.

Visit the Mega-Feed page to see the full feed along with excerpts from the articles. You may notice that Slackerwood is included as one of the sources. You might wonder why we're including our news feed on our own site. This is because the Mega-Feed can be used independently of our website. It has its own RSS feed and you can plug it into your RSS feed reader or aggregate it on your own lovely website. Feel free to share it (just don't plagiarize the articles themselves, please).

I am extremely excited about the Austin Film News Mega-Feed, since this means we have now tripled or quadrupled the amount of news you can view on Slackerwood without my having to lift a finger. Thanks again to Chip, to whom I promise not to complain quite as much. If any of you see anything about the feed that you feel is not quite right, let us know.

[Photo credit: "Monster Truck Show" by tink tracy on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license.]