2009 in Review: Best Q&As


Office Space 10th anniversary event, by Jette Kernion

We've been to a lot of movies this year where filmmakers, actors, and other crew have been in attendance. Some Q&As are dull or silly -- audience members will ask the goofiest questions, or just talk for a minute without asking a question at all. A few Q&As just go sour for various reasons.

But once in awhile, a delightful, memorable Q&A session appears seemingly out of nowhere, reminding us why we take a chance on these events in the first place. Here are our favorite Q&A sessions in Austin from 2009.

Office Space Tenth Anniversary Screening. A full house at the Paramount was the ideal place to watch Office Space again, and the Q&A afterward was the icing on the cake. Mike Judge and most of the cast took the stage to share stories, jokes and even some dancing. My full account of the event also includes photos.  --Jette Kernion

District 9 Preview. A District 9 preview screening at Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar was followed by a Q&A with director Neill Blomkamp and Sharlto Copley -- over 30 minutes long, funny and informative, with a "prize" of artwork based on the alien ship. It would have kept going longer, but Alamo asked it to end so they could close. --Jenn Brown

Solomon Kane at Fantastic Fest. Solomon Kane writer/director Michael J. Bassett provided insight into the efforts made to ensure the authenicity of battle scenes, and it changed the way I look at sword fights. The crew practiced on a pig cadaver -- even dressed in leather armor -- with various weapons to understand what kind of damage an actual blow with each weapon was like. Bassett's personal favorite? Double-headed battle axe. --Debbie Cerda