Adventures in Red Carpet: Grindhouse at the Paramount (Part 2)

In Part 1 of the Grindhouse Adventures in Red Carpet (which you should read before this entry), I had just managed to take non-blurry photos of Quentin Tarantino and was very pleased. One thing I didn't mention in Part 1 was the zombie invasion. For some reason, the crowd of fans at the Paramount included zombies ... or people dressed as zombies, I couldn't be sure, except they seemed not to be eating brains. Some were just watching the fun, but some obviously wanted to join the media:

The next celebrity on the red carpet was Jordan Ladd, who played one of the first group of women in Death Proof (aka "the one in the Alamo Drafthouse t-shirt"). I didn't realize, until I looked her up on IMDb, that she's Cheryl Ladd's daughter. I like this photo because first of all, I'm wondering what someone said to cause her to make that face; and second of all, well, just look in the background on the left:­

I hadn't seen Grindhouse before the red carpet event, so I didn't yet know just how amazing Zoe Bell was going to be in Death Proof, but I was looking forward to seeing her anyway, because her previous stuntwoman work (Kill Bill, Xena) was so impressive. In Death Proof, Bell wears a t-shirt and casual black pants ... but look at her on the red carpet, she's elegant even in the Austin heat.

Zoe Bell was followed by Kurt Russell. I think we were all slightly dazed and impressed by Russell -- Tim and I both noted afterwards that we'd been watching him in movies since we were very young. I can still remember those Disney movies where he was the strongest man in the world or had a computer brain or was invisible. And of course I've seen him in dozens of movies since then, and there he was, right in front of me, shaking my hand as I introduced myself. I'm glad I was just taking pictures for the red carpet and not assigned to ask questions -- it would have been tough to keep track of what to ask each of about a dozen people, and I'm not at all sure what I could have asked Russell that everyone else hadn't asked. (I realize that you aren't supposed to ask unique questions during a red carpet, as everyone's rushed and on autopilot, but you never know when someone might reply with a surprising answer that gives you a scoop.)

I feel the need at this point to stress one more time that the best photos from the red carpet (except for one, which I'll show you in a bit) are all in my Cinematical article about the event, which you should check out. Even there, I didn't get as good a photo of Rose McGowan as I wanted, because it was getting late and the light was fading. Even if you didn't see Grindhouse, you probably saw the poster of Planet Terror featuring McGowan with the machine-gun leg. I wanted to catch a photo proving that in real life, the actress does have two non-artillery legs:


Also, I loved her dress. She was being interviewed by Tim Basham at the time.

Finally, we could see the last person on the red carpet -- Robert Rodriguez, who directed Planet Terror. And the fates were smiling on me, or I just pushed the camera button at the right time, because I captured my best photo (it was the wrong size for Cinematical):­


After that, everyone headed into the theater for the Grindhouse screening ... except me, because I was worn out and my Cinematical colleague Scott Weinberg was covering the action inside. I did snap one photo of the Paramount marquee on the way to the car, because it looks so lovely at twilight with the lights on:


I'm still not sure what that odd antique car was doing in front of the theater -- anyone?