Slackery News Tidbits, February 11


Here's the latest Austin-related film news this week:

  • Cinematical has posted a teaser trailer for Simon Rumley's Austin-shot horror film Red White & Blue, which is playing SXSW next month. I do believe a great deal of that trailer is set at the Broken Spoke. And Debbie, is that your house where all the, er, shenanigans are occurring? (Speaking of shenanigans, this is not a G-rated trailer by any means.)
  • Over at The Dallas Morning News, Joe O'Connell tells us that a new TV pilot is shooting in Austin next month called Gen Y. Two other pilots will be shooting soon in Dallas, too.
  • On the other hand, Chris Garcia reports that Waxahachie native and UT alumnus Robert Benton's biopic of Lyndon B. Johnson may not get to shoot in Texas. Apparently HBO prefers the film incentives in Georgia or Louisiana over the Lone Star State. (What would LBJ think?) It's weird, because HBO shot Temple Grandin here in Austin a couple of years ago when the incentives weren't as good as they are now. Go figure.
  • On a related note, the film The Texas Killing Fields, starring Sam Worthington, will start filming in April ... in Louisiana. Could be worse. Could be Michigan.
  • The New York Times "Required Viewing" selection for this week is Wim Wenders' film 1984 film Paris, Texas, which has just been remastered by Criterion for DVD and Blu-Ray. The film may not have been shot in Austin, but covers a lot of Texas including El Paso, Houston, Port Arthur and Big Bend.
  • The Austin A.V. Club celebrates 25 years of local video store I Luv Video. I do wish they were closer to my house. And Austin360 has a hilarious photo slideshow of memorable notes that I Luv Video staff leave on rental DVD covers.
  • The Weird Wednesday schedule for March and April is now available. Phillipe Mora will attend his film Mad Dog Morgan on March 3, and filmmaker Stephanie Rothman will be in town in mid-April for screenings of The Student Nurses and Group Marriage.
  • I had no idea that the Austin Nordic Film Fest existed, much less that it would take place this month. Austin Movie Blog has more details on the Feb. 27 event.
  • Finally, a recent Huffington Post article on good short films available online recommended two with Texas connections: local animator Dano Johnson's Tall Tales and Other Big Lies, featuring Ray Wylie Hubbard, which I saw at SXSW 2006; and I Don't Need to Know, made by UT film student Max Kruemcke, which I just watched and enjoyed very much.


Broken Spoke Scene in RWB Trailer

You can't see me in the trailer, or my lone star guzzling pals from the scene at the Broken Spoke, but you can see a very fuzzy Tim and Karrie League sitting at a table.

What Carnage?

Why yes, when I saw the photo IndieWire ran in their article, my response was "HEY PUNK! Get outta our driveway!"

Whenever we sell the house, there will be a carpet allowance thanks to a couple of conspicious stains on our living room carpet.