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Metroblogging likes Nueva Onda movie nights


Lauren at Metroblogging Austin recently posted an upbeat story about her experience at last week's Nueva Onda Movie Night. I'm happy she had a good time ... because I'm on the programming committee for the monthly outdoor screenings.

Naturally, I want to encourage all of you to go to Nueva Onda's movie nights, which are on the second Wednesday of each month, starting around 8 pm (or a little later, whenever it gets dark enough). Admission is free. You can order giant plates of nachos or enchiladas, have some beer, and enjoy a variety of short narrative and documentary films (or the occasional feature). Get there a little early if you want a good table where you can eat and watch the movies, or else you can move your chair when the movies begin. You can flicks [at] nuevaaustin [dot] com (join the mailing list) to find out in advance about the film lineup for the next month's screening.

Also, if you are a filmmaker and you have some short films or features stashed away, why not submit them to Nueva Onda for consideration? jette [at] celluloideyes [dot] com (Email me) for more information about where to send a copy of the film, etc. You don't have to live in Austin to submit a film -- last week's theme was "World Short Films."

Kier-La has my dream job


I'm a little envious of Kier-La Janisse, one of the programmers at Alamo Drafthouse Downtown, even though I've never met her. Wouldn't it be wonderful to get to program a series for Alamo Drafthouse? Austinist posted an interview with Kier-La today, focusing on her work building up the Music Monday series at Alamo. I haven't been to Music Mondays yet -- we saw Head at Alamo around New Year's, but it wasn't a Monday. I'd like to go to a Music Monday screening soon and report back here on how I liked it, the same way I wrote about Weird Wednesday at Alamo recently for Celluloid Eyes. However, I doubt I'll have time for Music Monday before July, as things are pretty busy chez Jette right now.

Speaking of which, posting here will probably be light for the next week or so, because I'm getting married on Saturday. I wish I'd given Tim League my wedding date as soon as we set it, because of course I am such an important person that Alamo Drafthouse/Rolling Roadshow would never have booked my wedding weekend with a preview screening event for Nacho Libre and an outdoor showing of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls with cast members in attendance. Just because I can't be there doesn't mean you can't, though ... tickets are still available for the Russ Meyer-themed extravaganza on Saturday.

Tommy Pallotta on A Scanner Darkly


IGN has posted an interview with Tommy Pallotta, the Austin animator and filmmaker who produced A Scanner Darkly. Pallotta now has a blog on IGN; his first entry is about his experience premiering A Scanner Darkly at Cannes with director Richard Linklater and various stars from the movie. It's a long entry with lots of fun photos; hope he'll be able to keep it up and share more stories about his work on the film.

Most interesting quote from the interview: "We spent probably 500 man-hours per minute of animation."

I watched Pallotta and other animators demo the rotoscoping process at Fantastic Fest last year, and I can believe that estimate. Even with the latest software, it was very detailed work. The movie releases in theaters in July and even though I caught it at SXSW, I'd like to see it again.

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