Fantastic Fest Welcomes Filmmakers, Texas Style


Fantastic Fest Filmmakers Shotgun Event

Every film festival welcomes filmmakers who attend in support of their projects, but Fantastic Fest offers an unique experience for visitors from the film industry. Tim League, founder of both the festival and Alamo Drafthouse, presents various events that reflect Texas, including a filmmakers luncheon prepared by Chef John Bullington and sponsored by the Texas Film Commission, BBQ runs to Smitty's and Muellers, and the popular annual shotgun event.

Filmmakers from as far as New Zealand and Japan participated in the event this year, which took place at the Capitol City Trap and Skeet Club. After donning safety protection and listening to a thorough safety orientation from experienced shooters, the guests took turns at a walk-through sporting clay course. Each shooting station simulates different hunting situations, and it was interesting to watch the different techniques. Even the novices had a great time on the course, and everyone was cheered on.

One filmmaker stated that it was a great way to relieve some of the stress of touring the festival circuit.

It should be noted in the above picture that Spanish filmmaker Carlos Vermut (Maquetas) was not injured, but merely exhausted from the midday heat.

More photos of the event are available here.

[Photo credit: Fantastic Fest Filmmakers at the Shooting Range by Debbie Cerda, on Flickr]