Podcast #13: Fantastic Fest Preview -- Zack is Back


Zack Carlson at Fantastic Fest 07

Even if you aren't a podcast kind of person, even if you aren't going to Fantastic Fest, you want to listen to Slackerwood Podcast #13. It's our funniest, most entertaining podcast to date, thanks to Alamo Drafthouse programmer Zack Carlson. Zack -- pictured above before being shot with a gore cannon at Fantastic Fest 2007 -- sits down with Jette, Jenn and Debbie to discuss festival events, the "giant man-Smurf" in Avatar, why he Twitters about Hitler, and other completely random and hilarious stuff.

Helpful hint: When the end-credit music starts, don't leave the theater -- I mean, don't leave the podcast. You'll miss Samuel L. Jackson -- okay, not him, but something very amusing, thanks to our audio engineer Chip Rosenthal. Let me just say I had no idea that would be in there until I heard the finished podcast myself.

Listen to podcast #13 now.

slackerwood-podcast-13.mp320.68 MB