Slackery News Tidbits and Treats

Austin Studios Open House, by leiabox on FlickrThe Austin film community news this week is dominated by the Austin Studios/Soundcheck Austin issue (see below), but a few other interesting bits of news are out there as well. If I missed anything, feel free to post news in the comments.

  • KXAN has a story about the Austin Studios lease for Soundcheck Austin, which is going before the Austin City Council on Thursday. Michael Corcoran also has a good thorough article in the Statesman. In addition, Austin Film Society has posted a Soundcheck Austin sublease fact sheet. The City Council meeting on Thursday should be interesting.
  • Check out Victor Diaz's story for News 8 Austin about the Texas Filmmaker Production Fund awards, which includes an interview with local filmmaker David Modigliani about his upcoming documentary, 61 Bullets.
  • The first official stills from Austin-shot horror film Red, White and Blue are now available on Fangoria. Debbie, were any of those pictures set in your house?
  • The South Austin Trailer Park and Eatery is now showing movies outdoors on selected evenings at 8:30 pm. Their schedule of upcoming movies includes a time-travel series: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (Thurs. 8/27), the Back to the Future trilogy (8/28-30), 12 Monkeys (8/31), Time Bandits (9/1) and Groundhog Day (9/2). [via Austin360]
  • If you've already seen Inglourious Basterds, check out Justin's blog entry on the Mondo Tees blog about the "historical accuracy" of the film. Warning: This entry is totally spoilerific, so if you haven't seen the movie, don't follow the link yet. Instead, go read our group review.
  • The University of Texas System's Board of Regents announced its list of Outstanding Teacher Awards earlier this month. Of the 35 faculty award winners from UT Austin, two are in the Radio-TV-Film department: Geoff Marslett and Charles Ramirez Berg. I'm particularly pleased to hear this news because Ramirez Berg was my thesis advisor at UT, although that was longer ago than I care to admit. [via AFS on Twitter]

[Photo credit: "Austin Studios Open House" by Carolee Mitchell. Found on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license.]