Alamo Drafthouse -- Lake Creek

13729 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78750

Alamo Lake Creek communal area

Alamo Drafthouse at Lake Creek is part of the Alamo Drafthouse franchise of theaters. In 2010, all Alamo Drafthouses were united under one umbrella with Tim League as CEO, and efforts are ongoing to ensure all theaters offer high-quality film projection, food items, etc. The theater has seven screens and shows mainly first-run movies, with some special screenings and events. It's part of a large strip mall off Hwy 183, just south of Hwy 620, in a fairly suburban part of town.

Pros: You can order food, beer and wine from your seat. The lobby includes a gathering area with tables and chairs. It's nice to see a suburban strip-mall theater that doesn't show lots of commercials before the movie, or treat its audience members like cattle.

Cons: The theater is at the edge of Austin, close to Cedar Park, and is difficult to reach by bus. If you're visiting this theater for a film festival, don't expect to theater-hop: park it here for the evening.

Parking: Big parking lot, right out in front, although it does get a little crowded sometimes on weekends and you may have to park near the edges.

Bus routes: #383. You would need to take an Express bus, then a local bus. To/from downtown by mass transit could take well over an hour.

Distance: It's a 20-40 minute drive from here to downtown Austin, and at least a 10-minute drive to the Arbor, depending on traffic.

Food and Beverages: Alamo Lake Creek has a full menu of snacks, meals and drinks, similar to other Alamo Drafthouses. They pride themselves on an extensive beer menu. In the same strip mall, you'll find a Jason's Deli and a Rockin' Tomato. Drive south a little past Anderson Mill to Reale's for a slightly less casual (and quite yummy) pizza-and-Italian experience, or to Hoover's for some good home cooking and barbecue (and pie).

Wireless: You can find nearby wireless at Jason's Deli.