Galaxy Highland 10 Theatre

6700 Middle Fiskville Rd, Austin TX 78752

Idiocracy.  Really.Galaxy Highland is owned by the Galaxy Theatres chain. It is a 10-screen theater near Highland Mall (what's left of it) that shows new releases. Austin Film Festival is using it as a venue in 2013.

Pros: It might not look like it, but this is one of the best theaters in Austin for consistently good projection and audio quality. One or two screens are a little dirty or dingy but the rest are in good shape. Unaccompanied minors are not allowed in the theater on weekend nights.

Cons: It gets very popular and crowded on weekend nights, and those audiences aren't always as quiet as local film geeks would like. We've heard a few reports of people getting their cars broken into, so ensure your valuables are out of sight.

Screens and Capacity: There are 10 theaters of various sizes. All movies are screened in digital projection, and one has a row of D-Box theater seats that move with special effects while you watch the movie.

The theater being used for Austin Film Festival 2013 seats 187.

Parking: Plenty of parking is available around the theater in a large surface lot.

Distance: This theater is not near downtown or any traditional film-festival venues -- you really need to drive to get here, or consult Cap Metro for the best bus routes. (It's nearly a mile to the Highland MetroRail station.)

On-site food and beverages: Standard movie-theater concessions, like candy and soft drinks. The popcorn has real butter on it.

Nearby dining options: The theater shares a parking lot with Shanghai, which has very good dim sum. Taj Palace is in the adjoining strip mall. Go down Airport toward Lamar for good Mediterranean food at Arpeggio Grill. On Airport in the other direction you can find Quality Seafood, Kome (sushi and ramen) and House Pizzeria. And you're not far from Threadgill's and Stiles Switch BBQ on North Lamar. The nearest coffeehouse is Kick Butt Coffee, where you can also have a sandwich or salad at lunchtime.

Pro tip: Bring a sweater or jacket, the theaters can get rather chilly.

[Photo credit: "Idiocracy. Really." by Laura Taylor. Found on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license.]