Regal Arbor Cinema at Great Hills

9828 Great Hills Trail Suite 800, Austin, TX 78759

Shadow of the Jane Austen Universe

Regal Arbor Cinema at Great Hills is usually called the Arbor or Arbor Great Hills. It is part of the national Regal Theatres chain. The six-screen theater focuses on arthouse films and "big indies" like Sideways, Mamma Mia and 500 Days of Summer. For SXSW 2011, it's a "SXSatellite venue," catering to local filmgoers who want to avoid downtown crowds.

Pros: Comfy seats in roomy theaters. The lobby has some nice little gathering areas with tables and chairs. Good programming of indie/arthouse movies.

Cons: Except during film festivals, the Regal ad reel plays before all movies. TV monitors in the lobby play trailers and commercials, but usually aren't too intrusive. This theater has also had some audio problems in the past, such as speakers not working properly.

Screens and Capacity:  The Arbor has a total of eight screens with sloped (not stadium), with seating capacity ranging from 150-287.  One screen has a digital projector, and all screens have 35mm projectors. The theater used for SXSW will seat 175.

Mobility Impaired Access:  No stairs to worry about, and seating space is available in the back of the theater. You could move to the front but you would be very close to the screen. 

Parking: Plenty of parking is available in lots at the front and side of the theater.

Bus routes: #3, 383, 392, 982 & 983. The #383 bus goes between Arbor and Alamo Lake Creek, but it's a long and winding route.

Distance: The theater is in the middle of the Arboretum area of shopping, restaurants and hotels. It's a 15-30 minute drive to downtown, depending on traffic.

Food and Beverages: Arbor offers the usual movie-theater concessions. In the adjacent strip mall, you can find La Madeleine, Fire Bowl Cafe, Texadelphia, Elevation Burger and Pok-E-Joe's. Cross the street to the Arbor mall and enjoy Amy's Ice Cream as well as some other chain restaurants.

Wireless: No wireless in the theater, but you can walk around the nearby strip mall to La Madeleine, which offers wireless access.