Quick Snaps: 'The Collector' Filmmakers at Ritz


The Collector at Alamo Ritz

Last week, I headed over to Alamo Ritz for a preview of the horror film The Collector, which opens in Austin this Friday. The movie is opening too early to play Fantastic Fest, so the festival decided to screen it separately, in conjunction with the website Horror Squad. Writer Patrick Melton and co-writer/director Marcus Dunstan were there to introduce the film and answer questions afterward.

The Collector is Dunstan's directorial debut, but he and Melton have scripted all three Feast films as well as the fourth through sixth Saw films. The above photo is from the pre-movie intro with Tim League and the two writers. Horror Squad editor Scott Weinberg moderated the Q&A. [Disclosure: Horror Squad is the sister site of Cinematical, where I'm a contributor.]

Anne Heller was also there with her trusty video camera. I've embedded her video of the Q&A below. Warning: the video does contain some mild spoilers.

Check out Peter Hall's article on Horror Squad for a full rundown of the evening (with more of my photos). Slackerwood will post a review of The Collector on Friday. For now, let's just say that if you enjoyed the style of horror in the other films Dunstan and Melton have written, you'll be inclined to like this movie.